Kill Kill (2013)

US / 11 minutes / bw / 2 Lane Dir & Pr & Scr: Mark Wright Cine: Tony Beazley Cast: Eric Berner, Dan Garland, Sarah Murphree, Angela Kerecz, Mark Wright, Tony Beazley.

Somewhere in rural America, Pastor Henning (Berner) arrives at Taylor’s Grocery to put gas in his car. Lurking in the store, browsing but not buying, is an enigmatic young man in shades. At the counter, Peggy (Murphree) tells the Pastor the whole county is looking for a dangerous lunatic, the so-called Case 223, who’s escaped from a local Army medical hospital. Of course, as soon as the Pastor leaves the store, the young man takes off his shades and reveals himself to be Case 223—real name Andy (Garland). After slitting Peggy’s throat he hitches a lift from the Pastor. When they reach a nearby diner we discover that all is not what it seems . . .

Kill Kill - Curtains for Peggy (Sarah Murphree)Curtains for Peggy (Sarah Murphree).

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