Twelve Shorts for the Shortest Month #1: Camille (2009)

Italy / 20 minutes / color / Sputnik Dir & Scr: Piero Costantini Pr: Albertina Passoni, Ado Costantini, Piero Costantini, Eleonora Cardellini Story: Eleonora Cardellini Cine: Blasco Giurato Cast: Laura Nardi, Amandio Pinheiro, Jacopo Robortella, Cristian Giammarini

A remarkably spooky while at the same time wry little number to which any description I offer here can probably not do sufficient justice.

Paolo (Giammarini) sends his lovely wife Elena (Nardi) and cute young son Luca (Robortella) on vacation for a few days to a coastal holiday cottage the family’s been to before, promising to join them on the morrow. We can see by the expression on his face that there’s something ulterior on his mind—a night with a mistress, perhaps?

Cristian Giammarini as Paolo

The setting of the cottage is lovely, and cinematographer Blasco Giurato clearly had a ball with the location, wherever it was. Here are just a few of dozens of shots I could have chosen to illustrate this point: Continue reading