Violent Years, The (1956)

From the master pen of Ed Wood Jr, a taut exploitationer promoting hot babes and, um, Christian family values?

US / 61 minutes / bw / Headliner, Dél Dir: Wm. M. Morgan Pr: Roy Reid Scr: Edward D. Wood Jr Cine: Wm. C. Thompson Cast: Jean Moorhead, Barbara Weeks, Arthur Millan, Theresa Hancock, Joanne Cangi, Gloria Farr, Glen Corbett (i.e., Glenn Corbett), Lee Constant, I. Stanford Jolley, Timothy Farell (i.e., Timothy Farrell), F. Chan McClure, Bruno Metsa, Harry Keaton.

Violent Years - 0 opener

We know this is going to be a somber movie centered on earnest social comment because, as four lovely young women take turns walking dismissively in front of a chalkboard that bears the words

Good Citizenship—
—Self Restraint—

there’s a portentous voiceover spelling out just the kind of moral lesson we should draw from the piece:

“This is a story of violence, of violence born of the uncontrolled passions of adolescent youth and Continue reading

Broadway Jungle (1955)

vt Hollywood Jungle
US / 61 minutes / bw / Amart Dir & Pr & Scr: Phil Tucker Cine: Saul Resnick Cast: Norman Wright, June Gilmore, George Robeleto, Bruno Metza, Hal Braun, Delia Figueroa, Val Russell, Earl Graves, Eve Miller, Paul Doro.

Broadway Jungle - 0 opener

A movie to keep in mind should you ever discover you’ve run out of Ed Wood movies to watch.

In Hollywood, fledgling director Fletcher Mathering (Wright), harassed by the landlord for rent, explains that he has finally found a backer for his new movie, Death Takes a Spree, and so should soon be flush. That backer proves to be George “Georgie-boy” Gomez (Robeleto), a local hood who, we discover, has stolen the money he’s proposing to pay to Fletcher from Boss (uncredited), a vicious gangster. Georgie-boy’s sole provision is that the movie should star Lena Little (Gilmore), an actress whose star has faded for all but a certain hood who will always carry a gun in his pocket for her.

Boss, having discovered the theft, sends a mute hitman, Bruno (Metza), to rub Georgie-boy out. Considerately, Bruno waits until Georgie-boy has Continue reading