Nuit d’Or (1976)

“My name is Marie, the arsonist, the lunatic. Meet me tonight at my mother’s. Signed, Michel”

vt Die Nacht aus Gold; vt Golden Night
France, WG / 79 minutes / color / Eurofrance, U.G.C., Société Française de Production, F.R.3, Maran Dir: Serge Moati Pr: Philippe Dussart Scr: Françoise Verny, Serge Moati Cine: André Neau Cast: Bernard Blier, Klaus Kinski, Marie Dubois, Jean-Luc Bideau, Charles Vanel, Anny Duperey, Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Raymond Bussières, Valérie Pascale, Maurice Ronet, Catherine Arditi, Martine de Breteuil, Jean-Pierre Sentier, Fernand Guiot, Catherine Therouenne.

An offering that has a lot of the feel of a giallo—the borderline surrealism, the hyper-real color use, the sense that the movie’s reality is taking place inside a sort of bubble universe where the rules resemble but are not identical with the ones we’re accustomed to, the visual and narrative style, the grotesquery, etc.—but lacks both any gore to speak of and much by way of nudity/sex. In fact, it seems to tip a mocking hat at these giallo conventions in its early moments, when we see Commissaire Fernand Pidoux (Blier) indulging—as perforce do we—in a little trivial voyeurism, watching through binoculars as Continue reading

Accident, L’ (1963)

Lust and betrayal on a bleak French island!

vt The Accident
France / 91 minutes / bw / Félix, Univers, TCF Dir: Edmond T. Gréville Pr: José Benazeraf Scr: Frédéric Dard, Edmond T. Gréville Story: L’Accident (1961) by Frédéric Dard Cine: Jean Badal Cast: Magali Noël, Georges Rivière, Danick Patisson (i.e., Danik Patisson), Roland Lesaffre, Jean Combal.

L'Accident - 0 opener

Young and lovely teacher Françoise Cassel (Patisson, a former beauty queen) comes to take up a post at the school on the remote Brittany island of Kergreach—the location used was l’Ile-de-Bréhat, whose inhabitants played most of the many supporting roles. She finds the school in a very decrepit state, as indeed are its director and hitherto sole teacher, Julien Avène (Rivière), and his alcoholic wife Andrea (Noël).

Françoise: “Are there many students?”
Julien: “Fishermen drown less and less, and they have more and more kids.”

The living quarters to which Andrea shows Françoise are the most decrepit of all: rain not so much drips through the leaky roof as streams. After a sleepless night, Françoise in desperation erects a tent inside the room and thereafter sleeps inside it—moving the tent outside when the weather becomes more benign.

L'Accident - 2 Francoise spends a sleepless night in her new quarters

Francoise (Danik Patisson) spends a sleepless night in her new digs.

On first arriving on the island, Françoise met the village idiot, Yvon le Goualec (Lesaffre), who took a shine to her. He has an obsession with Continue reading

Too Hot to Handle (1960)

vt Playgirl After Dark
UK / 93 minutes / color / Wigmore, ABPC, Warner-Pathé Dir: Terence Young Pr: C.P. Hamilton Marshall Scr: Herbert Kretzmer Story: Harry Lee (idea) Cine: Otto Heller Cast: Jayne Mansfield, Leo Genn, Carl Boehm (i.e., Karlheinz Böhm), Danik Patisson, Christopher Lee, Kai Fischer, Patrick Holt, Martin Boddey, Sheldon Lawrence, Barbara Windsor, John Salew, Tom Bowman, Ian Fleming, Penny Morrell, Katherine Keeton, Susan Denny, Judy Bruce, Elizabeth Wilson, Shari Khan, Bill McGuffie, Michael Balfour, Larry Taylor, June Elvin, Morton Lowry, Martin Sterndale, Harry Lane, Robin Chapman.

Too Hot to Handle 0 opener

Gentleman Johnny Solo (Genn) runs the upscale Pink Flamingo strip club in London’s Soho, directly across the road from the Diamond Horseshoe, the joint run by his main rival, Diamonds Dinelli (Lawrence). Johnny’s right-hand man is Novak (Lee); his both-hands woman and chief “exotic dancer” goes under the name of Midnight Franklin (Mansfield), although he often joshingly calls her Twelve O’Clock.

Today he’s hired two new strippers, the schoolteacher-like Marjorie Adams (Denny) and the naive, manifestly underage Stephanie Swanson (Windsor, later to be the bubbly little sexpot in countless Carry On movies), who soon decides that her stage name should be Pony Tail. He also agrees to let a French journalist, Robert Jouvel (Boehm)—wrongly called “Jouvet” in the closing credits—hang around the club for a few days for the purpose of writing an article for a Paris magazine.

Too Hot to Handle 1 Robert does his best to ignore Midnight's rear . . .

Robert (Carl Boehm) does his best to ignore the rear of Midnight (Jayne Mansfield) . . .

Too Hot to Handle 2 . . . but is captivated by Lilliane in rehearsal

. . . but is captivated by Lilliane (Danik Patisson) in rehearsal.

Robert is instantly much taken with one of the strippers, the mysterious Austrian dancer Lilliane Decker (Patisson), who has a touch of tragedy in her eyes and is clearly running from something or someone, because she throws a tantrum when Continue reading