Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974-5), episodes #17-#20

Episode 17: Legacy of Terror

Aired February 14 1975

US / 50 minutes / color / Francy, Universal, ABC Dir: Don McDougall Pr: Cy Chermak Scr: Arthur Rowe Cine: Ronald W. Browne Cast: Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, Ramon Bieri, Pippa Scott, Sorrell Booke, Victor Campos, Jack Grinnage, Erik Estrada, Carlos Romero, Udana Power, Sondra Currie, Cal Bartlett, Ernesto Macias, Robert Casper, Mina Vasquez, Dorrie Thomson, Merrie Lynn Ross, Scott Douglas, Craig R. Baxley, Mickey Gilbert.

Four “heroes” are savagely murdered and their hearts cut out: footballer Lenny Strahan (doesn’t appear), war hero Staff Sergeant Rolf Anderson (Baxley), pioneering female USAF officer Captain Madge Timmins (Power) and award-winning cop Earl Lyons (Bartlett).

Udana Power as Captain Madge Timmins.

Feisty investigative journalist Carl Kolchak (McGavin) traces all this activity to the mummy of bloodlusting ancient Aztec demigod Nanautzin (Gilbert), now stored in the basement of the Continue reading

Annabel (1962 TVM)

US / 48 minutes / bw / Shamley, CBS Dir: Paul Henreid Pr: Joan Harrison Scr: Robert Bloch Story: This Sweet Sickness (1961) by Patricia Highsmith Cine: John L. Russell Cast: Dean Stockwell, Susan Oliver, Kathleen Nolan, Gary Cockrell, Henry Brandt, Bert Remsen, Bryan O’Byrne, Florence MacMichael, Alfred Hitchcock.

Annabel (1962) - 0 opener

Some years ago chemical engineer David H. Kelsey (Stockwell) went off in search of more lucrative work so that he could marry his girlfriend Annabel (Oliver). He never quite explained to her why he suddenly went away, and besides she wasn’t nearly as serious about their relationship as he was. In his absence she met, fell in love with and married Gerald DeLaney (Brandt).

Annabel (1962) - 2 Annabel & Gerald

Annabel (Susan Oliver) and husband Gerald (Henry Brandt) love each other, whatever David thinks.

To this day David continues to have difficulty accepting the status quo. Under the name of William Newmaster he’s bought himself a house in Ballard, seemingly somewhere in upstate New York, where he goes at weekends and deludes himself that Annabel is living there with him. He tells his colleagues Wes Carmichael (Cockrell)—who’s also his housemate—and Linda Brennan (Nolan) that his absences at the weekends are because of an obligation to visit his invalid father. To turn the Vicious Triangle into a Vicious Pentangle, Linda is in desperate if undeclared love with David while Wes yearns for Linda.

One day Linda’s office friend Daisy (MacMichael) Continue reading