Escapade (1955)

UK / 87 minutes / bw / Angel, Eros Dir: Philip Leacock Pr: Daniel M. Angel Scr: Gilbert Holland (i.e., Donald Ogden Stewart) Story: Escapade (1953? play) by Roger MacDougall Cine: Eric Cross Cast: John Mills, Yvonne Mitchell, Alastair Sim, Jeremy Spenser, Andrew Ray, Marie Lohr, Colin Gordon, Nicky Edmett, Peter Asher, Christopher Ridley, Sean Barrett, Colin Freear, Kit Terrington, Mark Dignam, James Drake, Sonia Williams, John Rae, Richard Wattis.

Escapade 1955 - 0 opener

Writer John Hampden (Mills) has made a career out of aggressively promoting world peace to the detriment of everything else in his life, including his wife Stella (Mitchell) and his three sons, whom he has sent off to Ferndale School, a boarding establishment run by the pompous but well meaning Dr. Skillingworth (Sim). We never see the eldest of the three, Icarus (oh, the symbolism, as we’ll find out), but we gather through the activities and dialogue of Maxie (Ray) and the youngest, Johnny (Asher), and their friends that Icarus is something of a charismatic leader in the school, an adventurous soul that even Dr. Skillingworth vastly admires . . . at the same time as disciplining him for the consequences of his behavior. Icarus has a new plan that involves the whole school—and neighboring schools as well.

Escapade 1955 - 1 Stella starts sorting the records

Stella (Yvonne Mitchell) starts dividing up the records.

Stella has decided she needs a trial separation from her politically obsessed husband; they’re suffering from “marriage fatigue,” she decrees. Before she can actually leave, however, they’re called upon by Dr. Skillingworth, who has more or less been Continue reading