Compliments of the Season (1930)

US / 13 minutes / bw / Warner Bros., Vitaphone Dir: Arthur Hurley Scr: Paul Girard Smith, E.K. Nadel Cine: Ed DuPar Cast: Eric Dressler, Lenita Lane, Weldon Heyburn, Pat O’Brien.

A short movie with some protonoirish overtones and, as the title suggests, a great deal of seasonal interest.

Eric Dressler as Jimmy.

It’s Christmas Eve in New York and pickpocket Jimmy “Fingers” Dugan (Dressler), not long out of stir, is doing his best to go straight. When he encounters a young woman (Lane) who’s just about to throw herself off a bridge, he pulls her back. Turns out she’s come to the city in search of Continue reading

Wall Street Mystery, The (1931)

“Well, there’s nothing mysterious about a killing in Wall Street. I know—I made one myself.”

US / 17 minutes / bw / Vitaphone, Warner Dir: Arthur Hurley Scr: Burnet Hershey Story: S.S. Van Dine Cine: E.B. DuPar Cast: Donald Meek, John Hamilton, Frances Dale, Hobart Cavanaugh.

Wall Street Mystery - 1 The cleaner discovers the corpses

Two stockbrokers, Clive West (uncredited) and his junior partner Edwin Homer (uncredited), are found shot dead in their office one morning by the cleaner (uncredited). Inspector Carr (Hamilton), who’s leading the investigation, decides to call in his old pal, criminologist Dr. Amos Crabtree (Meek), to Continue reading