Engagement (2012)

US / 83 minutes / color / Long Short, FilmBuff Dir & Scr: Jon Lefkovitz Pr: Stephen Paratore Cine: Anthony C. Kuhnz Cast: Andrew Perez, Erika Rankin, Bob Turton, Talia Stol.

Made on a microbudget and with just two actors (Turton and Stol merely supply telephone voices), this somewhat Hitchcockian psychological study shows many of the standard failings of the indy movie—poor pacing, bad sound editing, a disparity in acting abilities—but is far from lacking in interest.

Engagement - 1 Henry (Andrew Perez) & Carolyn (Erika Rankin) a quiet night in

Henry (Andrew Perez) and Carolyn (Erika Rankin) enjoy a quiet night at home.

In LA, management consultant Carolyn (Rankin) and social-misfit, somewhat creepy political journalist Henry (Perez) have been living together for a matter of weeks when he proposes to her and she accepts. Soon after, though, she has to go to NYC for a few weeks to help her mom deal with the death of her grandmother; however, her actress sister Laura (Rankin again) is coming to LA and will stay in the apartment with Henry while she looks around for parts and digs. Laura proves to be an identical twin but, where Carolyn is mousy, Laura’s glamorous; where Carolyn’s a bit girlish and repressed, Laura’s worldly and openly sexual; where Carolyn’s teetotal and doesn’t smoke, Laura knocks back the beers zestfully and is always nipping out onto the balcony for a ciggy.

Soon enough, inevitably, Henry’s completely infatuated with the sexy babe he’s living with who just happens to look exactly like his fiancée.

Which is not to say that he likes her as much . . . and he’s completely unnerved when he starts having sexual nightmares about her.

Engagement - 2 Lara (Erika Rankin) appears in Henry's nightmares

A nightmare vision of Laura (Erika Rankin).

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