Bergère d’Ivry, La (1913)

Passions run high in rural France!

France / 29 minutes / bw / Société Française des Films Éclair Dir: Maurice Tourneur Story: La Bergère d’Ivry (1839 play) by Gabriel de Lurieu and Michel Delaporte? Cast: Renée Sylvaire, Paulette Noizeux, Henry Roussel, Albert Decoeur.

An early outing from noted director Maurice Tourneur—it may be his oldest surviving work—La Bergère d’Ivry is loosely based on a true story that’s well known in France.

In 1827 19-year-old orphan Aimée Millot was a shepherdess—in fact a goatherd—in Ivry-sur-Seine, then a rural region but now a suburb of Paris. According to the accounts she was both beautiful and maidenly, and who is to say the accounts were Continue reading

Alibi, L’ (1937)

France / 84 minutes / bw / BN, Éclair-Journal Dir: Pierre Chenal Scr: J. Companeez, H. Juttke Story: L’Alibi (1929 screenplay for short movie) by Marcel Achard Cine: Ted Pahle Cast: Erich von Stroheim, Albert Préjean, Jany Holt, Louis Jouvet, Vera Flory, Foun-Sen, Genia Vaury, Madeleine Siame, Roger Blin, Philippe Richard, Temerson, Maurice Bacquet, Florence Marly, Margo Lion.

L'Alibi - 0 opener

Nightclub “mentalist” Professor Winckler (von Stroheim), an American expatriate phony with a penchant for monastic fancy dress, currently working the Femina club in Paris with his beautiful young stage assistant (Foun-Sen) and his manservant Kretz (Blin), discovers one night that his arch-enemy, Chicago gangster John Gordon (Richard), is in the audience. Later we find out that among the many crimes Gordon committed in the US—and for some of which he did time in Sing Sing—was the stealing of Winckler’s wife. Gordon, terrified of Winckler’s vengeance, leaves his mistress (Marly) in Paris and makes a bolt by car for London; but Winckler follows him and shoots him on the highway.

L'Alibi - 2 The murder

The murder. Continue reading