Matter of WHO, A (1961)

UK / 90 minutes / bw / Foray, MGM, Herts–Lion Dir: Don Chaffey Pr: Walter Shenson, Milton Holmes Scr: Milton Holmes, Patricia Lee Story: Patricia Lee, Paul Dickson Cine: Erwin Hillier Cast: Terry-Thomas, Sonja Ziemann, Alex Nicol, Richard Briers, Honor Blackman, Carol White, Guy Deghy, Clive Morton, Martin Benson, Geoffrey Keen, The John Barry Seven, Eduard Linkers, Vincent Ball, Michael Ripper, Cyril Wheeler, Andrew Faulds, George Cormack, Bruce Beeby, Julie Alexander, Barbara Hicks.

Matter of WHO - 0 opener

Aboard a passenger flight from Nice to London, oil prospector Steve Cooper (Wheeler) falls ill. The cabin staff assume his near-comatic state has been brought on by boozing; tending him, his recently wed French wife Michele (Ziemann)—a seeming femme fatale for whom the word “’ot” could have been invented—disagrees.

Matter of WHO - 3 On the plane, Michele tends husband Steve

Aboard the plane, Michele (Sonja Ziemann) tends husband Steve (Cyril Wheeler).

The plane’s met in London by medical staff including Dr. Blake (Ball), Sister Sheila Bryan (Blackman) and Archibald Bannister (Terry-Thomas), a civil servant from the Department of Health, International Control Division, who works in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO). He describes himself as a “detective of sorts, a germ detective” and explains that

“Germs are much smarter than people. They never bother with passports or borders. They know it’s one world even if we don’t.”

Matter of WHO - 2 At London Airport, Archie & Shiela greet Kennedy

Archie (Terry-Thomas) and Shiela (Honor Blackman) greet Kennedy (Alex Nicol) at London Airport.

Also meeting the plane is Cooper’s business partner, Edward Kennedy (Nicol). In between wooing and Continue reading