The Uninvited Ghost (2010)

US, Canada / 18 minutes / color / Echo North Dir, Scr: Heather Schmidt, Birgit U.E. Doll Pr: Heather Schmidt Cine: Gabriele Kislat Cast: Bob Bancroft, Clare Salstrom, Emory Murchison.

A completely charming short that almost certainly doesn’t belong here but that I liked so much I persuaded myself had earned its place as a little FREEEEEE bonus extra. So sue me.

Reclusive Vladimir MacGregor (Bancroft), terrified of leaving the house and it seems also terrified of the music he used to love during his high-profile career as a concert pianist, discovers his home has been invaded by a beautiful young woman—or, more accurately, a beautiful young female ghost, Wanda Westfield (Salstrom). Aghast at the intrusion—she’s even there with the towel when he steps naked from his shower, oh lawks!—he goes to the length of ordering a spray can of ghost repellent online.

Clare Salstrom as Wanda.

It doesn’t work. Nothing does until the two of them merge their essences (that’s not a euphemism) and he rediscovers his love for music and the piano.

There’s a little more to the plot than that. I encourage you to discover what it is for yourself by watching the movie; at a few seconds under 18 minutes it’s not a major burden on your crowded schedule. The director has put it online for you to watch here.

Bob Bancroft as Vladimir.

Heather Schmidt, who wrote and directed (and who looks enough like Clare Salstrom that I did a quick search, just in case), also played the piano pieces, which are by Beethoven, Chopin and Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel, the latter better known as Fanny Mendelssohn (and among this site’s favorite composers). Schmidt is a talented composer in her own right: you can find her website here. An extract from here bio on that site:

. . . Heather also wrote and directed two short films—Midnight Violin, for BRAVO TV in Canada funded by BravoFACT, and The Uninvited Ghost. Heather is also the creator and co-executive producer of Animal Planet’s 2016 TV series Life at Vet U.

Natch, after watching this movie I shot off to find a copy of her other short, Midnight Violin! It too is available on YouTube.

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