o/t: news on Bill DeSmedt’s Singularity

Bill DeSmedt, whose near-future technothriller Singularity (2004) I gave a rave review at the infinityplus website when the book was first released — I still think the novel should have had at the least a Hugo nom — has been in touch:

To quote the late lamented John Belushi in Continental Divide: “Am I pleased or frightened?”
It turns out that researcher Solvejg Nitzke has published a literary-theoretic analysis of the Tunguska Event of 1908, which, in amongst discussions of Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure game Secret Files: Tunguska, somehow finds time to engage in a lengthy hermeneutic on — you guessed it! — Singularity. For those interested, the paper itself can be downloaded here.
Deconstruction aside, here’s wishing you all Happy Holidays and a joyous and prosperous New Year!


Full disclosure. After the review appeared, Bill and I discovered we didn’t live that far apart: soon enough our families became great friends — in fact, Pam and I have several times Hogmanayed with Bill and Kathrin. So, yes, I’m amplifying Bill’s signal on this latest development because he’s a dear pal, but even if that weren’t the case I’d be doing so: Singularity really is worth your time. Had it come out from a larger publisher it might well have made that Hugo list and right now you’d probably be watching Spielberg’s screen adaptation at your local multiplex rather than reading this note.


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