o/t: 99 MGM movies free to view

I just thought I’d pass on the news that YouTube and MGM have struck a deal to make scads of the studio’s movies free to view. You won’t find any classic noir in the bunch — at a glance, the oldest movies on the list are things like The Terminator and Rocky — but there’s some good stuff to be had.

5 thoughts on “o/t: 99 MGM movies free to view

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    The list of available movies makes me think of the “Shock” horror movie packages of the 1950s. The young TV industry was looking for content; and the back catalogues of the movie studios looked very attractive. “Fine,” said the studios. “You want to show the classics like Dracula? Well, you’re going to have to take it along with a few dozen other horror movies in a big package deal….”

    Here, we’ve got Rocky 1-4, Terminator, and Legally Blonde (an OK light comedy), plus a bunch of other movies that no one remembers. But maybe people will check them out, and they’ll get a second life….

    • Yes, I too was pleased to see movies on their list that I only vaguely recalled hear about, if at all. There are a few there that I definitely plan to catch. To be honest, once I’ve settled on my list, I’m going to see how many the library has on DVD.

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