o/t (and late): leisure reading for June

I’m late posting this monthly listing because of

(a)   this goddam deadline I’m facing;
(b)   some computer shenanigans (which, after great expenditure of time and money, proved to be the responsibility of the mouse—sounds as if it should have been obvious, but in fact it was far from so); and
(c)   er, forgetfulness—it was only when I unearthed my To Do list just now, some while after the delights of (b), that I realized I hadn’t done this post.

’Way fewer books than usual in June because I’ve been deliberately opting for longer books (the Lucarelli’s the big exception here) in order to cut down the amount of time spent writing up my book notes. Yes, I know, but, when you have a deadline as tight as the one I’m under, it all helps. The links are to those notes’ appearance on Goodreads; most but not all have been cross-posted here.


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