o/t: May’s leisure reading

A few disappointments this month, but most of these I enjoyed quite a lot. The links are as usual to my Goodreads accounts of the books — although most of them (I think in fact all of them, but cannae be fashed to check) were immediately afterwards crossposted here.


4 thoughts on “o/t: May’s leisure reading

  1. A great selection of titles! I’m always interested to see what you’ve been reading.

    As for me, I’ve been learning more about vaudeville. Just finished Trav S.D.’s “No Applause, Just Throw Money”, an entertaining look at the history of vaudeville, as I’m sure you know. Have just started “Vaudeville Wars” by Arthur Frank Wetheim, which examines the Keith-Albee vs. Orpheum circuits. Am feeling like a real smarty-pants now!

    • I haven’t come across those two titles — unsurprising, as I know very little about vaudeville (although I read a couple of books on it quite a few years ago when I was trying to get a Golden Age of Striptease book project off the ground).

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