o/t: a policy change

For some years now I’ve been putting monthly roundups here of the book notes that I post on Goodreads, with links to the individual posts. My scribbles about movies have, of course, been posted here at Noirish.

More and more I’ve been wondering if this isn’t sometimes an artificial distinction: at least some of the books I write about on Goodreads fall into the same general territory that Noirish regards as its own — noir (in the broadest sense of the term), psychological thrillers, parodies thereof, old mysteries, other stuff of associational interest, B- and indie movies that have caught my attention, oddities, occasional it’s-my-site-and-I‘ll-decide-what-belongs-here movies . . .

So I’ve decided that, in future, I’ll crosspost here, as they appear, my Goodreads notes on books that seem relevant to this site’s theme (such as it can be discerned).

I’ll be putting the new policy into effect very soon indeed (before cooking supper if I get my act together, after eating it if I don’t). First up, an Australian mystery/psychological thriller that I enjoyed very much indeed.


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