o/t: Corrupted Science ARC cover reveal

And here’s one version of the blurb:

When first published in 2007, this searing exposé of the misuses and misrepresentations of science—from the time of Galileo to the present day—was widely hailed. “A wonderfully written and relevant book,” said Jeff VanderMeer on Ecstatic Days. “Excellent reading for anyone who believes science is worth fighting for,” said Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing.

Ten years later, it became clear an update and expansion were desperately called for. Nearly twice the size of the earlier book, this new edition of the classic work includes updates on abuses by the chemical industry, the sugar industry, agribusiness, the fossil fuels industry, and climate change deniers including, especially, the Trump administration.

Annoyingly, demand for the ARCs has been such that the publisher has virtually run out of them — I don’t even have one for my own shelf, grr! They’ve given me a PDF-ARC, though, if people are interested.

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