o/t: March reading

Here are the books I completed during March, with links as usual to my often hurried Goodreads notes:

Overall it was a fairly enjoyable month’s reading, although in addition to the above there were a couple of abandonments. (Mind you, I should have abandoned one of the above, but I got stubborn.)


11 thoughts on “o/t: March reading

  1. Looks like a decent month, abandonments notwithstanding. I’ve only ever read a Simenon from this cache of authors. Maybe one of the Scandis sits on the pile!

    • The one I probably enjoyed the most, in hindsight, was Sarah’s Key, but it’s not within your customary territory. Of the Scandis, Room 21 was pretty fine — as was The Dying Game, although it’s not really a crime novel per se.

    • Quite a few of the books were rather short, so I really don’t deserve the ” numerically impressive” praise. As for the variedness, every now and then I try to focus for a few weeks on translated fiction, because often I get more out of it than I do out of our homegrown novels. This time a couple of nonfiction books intruded upon my plans!

  2. That is a good month’s reading, despite the DNFs, John. I hope that your April reading is as enjoyable – I’m struck at how impressively varied your books are…

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