o/t: leisure reading in January

Overall, an enjoyable month’s reading — and surprisingly prolific, at least to me, bearing in mind that I’ve been working flat-out all month on various aspects of two books of my own scheduled for 2018 (of which more here anon).

The links are as usual to my scrappy Goodreads notes, some of which are shorter and even hastier than usual because . . . see first paragraph. (Did I mention that the final proofs of one of the forthcoming tomes went off by email at 12.30 last night? Why am I even out of bed yet? You may well ask.)



13 thoughts on “o/t: leisure reading in January

    • Interesting. I think it was probably the two Japanese ones that really floated my boat, in their very different ways. A bit of a relief, really, because I read a very long and boring Japanese novel last year and, quite irrationally, it had put me off Japanese fiction in general a bit. But now I’m athirst for more!

  1. Exciting to hear you’re working on not one book but two! Very impressive. Also quite impressed that I have read two of the books you read this month and that our good reads ratings were the same.

    • Ha! Look at the number of books you read yourself every month, Sam! You might say that, since they’re kids’ books, the reading part goes more quickly; but your long and fabulous reviews of them on WitD involve a huge amount of effort!

  2. Thanks for reminding me of God’s Spy – I read that some time ago but remember really enjoying it too – a cut above the usual Vatican-based thriller. And I saw on the links from your Goodreads review that there is a second book featuring the character so I am going to track it down.

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