o/t: December’s leisure reading

And so another year circles to its end. I read eleven books during December (plus a couple of abandonments) and, although nothing blew me away, a couple came close and I enjoyed most of the rest.

The links go to my often rather scrappy Goodreads notes:

2017 has been a vile year on so many fronts it’s hard to tally them, and the destruction that’s been waged during it by our science- and reality-deficient overlords will redound for decades to come: our descendants are going to have to cope somehow with a severely damaged world. (My own book Corrupted Science — in a new edition nearly double the size of the 2007 one and coming in May — discusses a lot of this.) If this weren’t too much of a hostage to fortune, I’d say 2018 could hardly be worse than its predecessor. As it is, I guess we just have to hope for the best, while working each in our own way to improve things.

Gloomy, I know. Even so, here’s hoping the coming year brings you joy.

Happy Hogmanay!


8 thoughts on “o/t: December’s leisure reading

  1. Based on your Goodreads review, I placed “We’ll Always Have Murder” on hold at the library. I’ll be back to compare notes.

    December was an excellent book-reading month. I’m feeling all smug because I finally read “Catch-22” which is a great read in many ways (except for its portrayal of women). Also read “Up the Down Staircase” which I found very clever, and “On Hitler’s Mountain: Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood” which is FASCINATING. Am feeling like a regular Smarty Pants now.

    • Hope you enjoy the Crider novel! It’s pretty short, so in the unlikely event that you don’t I’ll not feel too guilty.

      I’ve never read Up the Down Staircase, and indeed haven’t even thought about it in years, probably since I last noticed the title on a cinema marquee. I actually had to go to Wikipedia just now to remind myself of what it’s about; obviously it’s something I should try to lay hands on soon — looks really interesting.

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