o/t: September’s leisure reading

Only a few books read this past month, the numerical paucity being due to the fact that one of them was extremely long and another (an omnibus of three long novels) was positively gargantuan.

Links are as always to my Goodreads notes.


6 thoughts on “o/t: September’s leisure reading

  1. Only seen the movie version of the Thorp novel, which is interesting but really dated in some respects; trues very hard to be adult and sometimes manages it and other times is clearly just being sensationalist. How does the book hold up?

  2. You are not at all daunted by gargantuan books/collections, are you?

    Not that it matters, but I just finished reading Martin Cruz Smith’s “Gorky Park”, which I’ve wanted to read for a long time. Even though the ending was a bit anti-climactic, I found it thoroughly engaging. Have you read it?

    • I’ve been mostly avoiding very long novels for a while now, which has meant they’ve been tending to accumulate on the shelves. So I decided I should read a few.

      I read Gorky Park yonks ago, not long after it came out, and just about all I can remember is that I thought it was pretty good. I never got round to investigatng his sequels, though.

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