o/t: Twin Peaks (1990-91 & 2017)

***The splendid movies (and more) site Wonders in the Dark has recently been running a highly ambitious “countdown” of essays about the greatest TV, and yesterday saw this reach its penultimate posting. Although Twin Peaks was/is not directly noir, it does, like almost all of Lynch’s work, overlap very considerably with noir and borrow boatloads of noir tropes.

So I asked Joel Bocko, author of the brilliant (and exhaustive) essay on the series, and Sam Juliano, WitD’s proprietor, if I might reblog Joel’s piece, and they very kindly said that I might. Hurry over there right now — the link’s at the bottom of this brief extract — and feast your eyes.

Wonders in the Dark

Twin Peaks s1

by Joel Bocko

This essay is spoiler-free until noted within the text itself. Readers unfamiliar with Twin Peaks are encouraged to continue up to that point, marked by “***”, to build interest.

Fair warning: this is also a very long discussion of a complex series, so you may want to read in installments.

Twin Peaks is not a TV show.” You’ve probably heard this refrain before, perhaps moderated to “Twin Peaks is not normal television,” or, more generously to the medium, “Twin Peaks changed TV forever.” However phrased, the essence remains the same: Twin Peaks still stands out boldly from the rest of the televisual landscape, twenty-seven years after its debut on the ABC network immediately following America’s Funniest Home Videos. As if to cement this iconic status, when the series returned for an eighteen-hour limited run this summer (dubbed by Showtime’s marketing department as Twin…

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    • The biggest thrill of all is that FINALLY WordPress isn’t chucking all your comments here into moderation, Sam! I have no idea what induced its software to start doing that, but I’m mightily pleased to discover it has stopped again.

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