o/t: a brief hiatus

I’m working hell-for-leather to get the current book completed for Publisher A by the end of the month, Publisher B wants a couple of book proposals out of me as soon as I’ve delivered Publisher A’s book, and a couple of days ago Publisher C turned up out of the blue wanting me to work on a book presentation for Frankfurt with a view to writing the book itself assuming the project’s successful at the fair and goes ahead . . . whichj I very much hope it does, because it’s a fun one!

All in all, I’m a bit busy. So I’ve decided to give this site a rest for three or four weeks — perhaps a week or so more or less than that, depending on how things go.

I’m just nervous about how many “likes” this post will get . . .


24 thoughts on “o/t: a brief hiatus

    • Many thanks, Jacqui. As I’ve just been saying to MarinaSofia, fascinating book reviews definitely add to the busyness. So I’d be grateful if your next few reviews could be of the Yellow Pages, or something like that, so as to move temptation out of my path . . .

  1. So glad to hear you’re so productive and so many opportunities are coming your way! Have a great busman’s holiday and I look forward to hearing more about your projects as they make their way into print…. — Jason

    • So many thanks for your kind words, Ruth! Just this evening the work crisis has got even worse: another publisher has suddenly contacted me to ask if I could do a new much-expanded edition of an earlier book. Like, soon. I gibber.

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