reblog: Lillian Gish Has A Few Words About Early Hollywood – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

From Gordon Skene’s excellent site Past Daily, a fascinating 1969 half-hour radio interview with the one and only Lillian Gish.


 Lillian Gish

Lillian Gish – Despite her modesty, a star of the highest magnitude during the Silent Era of Film.

Lillian Gish, a name synonymous with the early days of Hollywood, and along with her sister Dorothy, household names in both Theater and Film from the earliest days.

The farther we get away from those formative years of Cinema, when the craft was evolving and the growing pains were plentiful, the less we remember those names which were such an integral part of that early history – the crucial period when film went from being an arcade novelty to the artform it evolved into. The changes in attitude – the advancement of lighting and technology and even the cameras used to shoot these films – they were all part of a great movement that was growing up and becoming the new entertainment form, popular all over the world.

In this interview, conducted as part of the weekly series Bookbeat featuring Chicago Tribune/Washington Post,


Read the rest and listen to the interview HERE.


7 thoughts on “reblog: Lillian Gish Has A Few Words About Early Hollywood – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

  1. I’ve never quite forgiven Lillian Gish for saying that women shouldn’t direct 😉 but definitely interested in what she has to say about early Hollywood – thanks for sharing!

  2. Here performances in Broken Blossoms, The Wind and The Scarlet Letter must surely rank among the greatest of all-time by a lead actress.

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