reblog: Robert Mitchum: 100 Years

***The always interesting blog B Noir Detour recently posted this discussion of one of the great actor’s most celebrated roles. Many thanks to Salome for permission to reblog.

B Noir Detour

Image result for night of the hunter picturesThis summer, Nashville’s one-and-only Belcourt Theatre offers an awesome opportunity for fans to join in “Robert Mitchum: 100 Years.” Films include Cape Fear and El Dorado, welcome big-screen events. For noir lovers, it’s even grander, including Saturday and Sunday screenings of Out of the PastAngel Face, and The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Even more wonderful for me, they’re also showing a noir I’ve never seen: Macao — costarring Jane Russell (so we know Russell-fan Movie Movie Blog Blog will know the flick!).

The series started off on July 1 and 2 with Night of the Hunter (1955), a film I’ve seen five times already, but still enjoyed immensely on the big screen.

There was a mostly full house for Night of the Hunter. I sat fifth row right aisle seat.

The best part of the experience was definitely the audience, who got all…

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2 thoughts on “reblog: Robert Mitchum: 100 Years

  1. A truly magisterial actor, one of America’s best, and this round-up does include the most iconic performances.

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