o/t: it’s back! – Todd Mason’s Overlooked A/V: links to reviews, etc. of films, tv, radio, podcasts, stage drama, museum shows, videogames and more . . .

After a short hiatus, here’s the welcome return of Todd’s ever-rewarding roundup, Click HERE to be taken to Todd’s Sweet Freedom blog and all the individual links.

A. J. Wright: Whispering City; Marilyn McCoo

Alice Chang: Dark Souls; PlayStation 4; Persona 5; Ori and the Blind Forest

the Allan Fish Online Film Festival 2017

Anne Billson: Diamonds Are Forever (Cat of the Day)

The Big Broadcast: 21 May 2017

Bill Crider: Our Miss Brooks (1956 film) [trailer]; She’s All That [trailer]; Return of the Lash; The Man in the Iron Mask (1939 film) [trailer]; Mainly Millicent: with Roger Moore as James Bond (1964)

Bob Freelander: The Last Detail (1973)

Brandon Smith: Underrated 1987 films

Brian Arnold: The Milton Berle Show: 1966 episode with guests Adam West, Van Williams and Bruce Lee

Brian Busby: The Critical Age; The Patriot (1998 film)

Brian Lindenmuth: John Tuska on western film and westerns generally; films from Dorothy M. Johnson’s fiction

B.V. Lawson: Media Murder; Mystery Melange

Chuck Rothman: Whale Rider

Colin McGulgan: The Flying Scot; The Wild One; The Earth Dies Screaming; The Shakedown

Comedy Film Nerds: Steve Byrne; David Huntsberger; Jackie Kashian: spoiler discussion of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2; Steve Gillespie

Cult TV: Special Branch: “Intercept”; The Frighteners: “Bed and Breakfast”

Cynthia Fuchs: Nerve; Patriots Day; The Neon Demon

Dan Stumpf: Return to Warbow: Sing and Like It; The Hustler

Dana Gould: Eddie Pepitone; Ken Reid; Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?; Lizzie Borden

David Cramner: backgammon in film and literature; Aldous Huxley on TechnoDictators

David Vineyard: This Man is News

Earl Green: Trying Times (courtesy Brian Arnold)

Elgin Bleecker: Naked City (1948 film); Line of Duty

Elizabeth Foxwell: Shield for Murder: 99 River Street; George V. Higgins speaks (1985); House by the River; David C. Raskin: Lie Detection and the Judicial System (1975 lecture)

Evan Lewis: The Maltese Falcon and related matter: The Adventures of Sam Spade: “The Kandy Tooth”; The Maltese Falcon (1941 film); Satan Met a Lady; The Maltese Falcon (1931 film); &…Star Trek Continues: “Pilgrim of Eternity”; The Brasher Doubloon

The Faculty of Horror: The Descent

George Kelley: Cabaret (current stage production); The Grace Kelly Collection

Hal Horn: Underrated 1987 films

How Did This Get Made?: Stealth; My Stepmother is an Alien

Iba Dawson: The Get-Down; Turner Classic Film Festival 2017: Ntrate; Pre-Code Films

International Waters: Graham Elwood; Guy Branum; Caroline Mabey; Lucy Pearman; host Dave Holmes; Bil Dwyer, Ophira Eisenberg, Tom Bell, and Holly Burn

Ivan G. Shreve Jr.: Spotlight Scandals; the color episodes of The Andy Griffith Show; The Mysterious Airman; Trials of O’Brien; Never Let Me Go; Calvin and the Colonel; Feel My Pulse; Afraid to Talk; Crime Does Not Pay: “A Thrill for Thelma”; Blondes and Redheads: Pre-Code Comedy Classics, Volume 2; Swiss Family Robinson (1940 film); Early Women Filmmakers

J Kingston Pierce: Roger Moore; more on Moore

Jack Seabrook: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: “The Gentleman Caller”; “Return of Verge Likens”; “Bed of Roses”

Jackie Kashian/The Dork Forest: David Huntsberger; Bryan Cook; Renee Camus; Al Madrigal (on Lee Child); Scott Rogers

Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Feud: Bette and Joan; The Pied Piper (1942 film); Five Stars: Teresa Wright, Ann Blyth (surprise!), Joseph Cotten, Paul Lukas, Wallace Ford

Jake Hinkson: Dekalog; They Live by Night

James Clark: The Wind Will Carry Us; Ten (2002 Iranian film)

James Curtiss: Underrated 1987 films

James Reasoner: Whispering Smith; Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story; Broken Trail (2006 telefilm); My Favorite Brunette

Janet Varney/The JV Club: Christine Lennon; University of Chicago Sex Week Panel; Kristina Rodgers

J.D. Lafrance: Frantic

Jedidiah Ayres: Small Crimes

Jerry House: I Married Joan; The White House Correspondents Dinner; The Burns and Allen Show (radio): “What’s Wrong with Gracie”; Mr. I. A. Moto: “Project 77”; Postmark for Danger; The Lady from Chungking; The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: last episode; The Clock: “Nicky”; This is Your FBI: “The Friendly Killer”; The Adventures of Topper

John Grant: Un Crime; A Time to Kill (1955 film); Wrong Number (2002 film); Powers Boothe; “Tragic Error”; The Mysterious Doctor; Inquest; The Purple Gang; “Los Crímenes”

John Scoleri: Dark Shadows Before I Die

John Varley: Death Race 2050; Empire of the Sun

Jonathan Lewis: Rage (1972 film); The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave; The Treasure of Pancho Villa; Ghost Town (1988 film)

Judy Gold/Kill Me Now: Felicia Michaels

Karen Hannsberry: Great Villain Blogathon; Five Stars: Jean Harlow, Norma Shearer, Barbara Stanwyk, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis; Hold Your Man

Kate Laity: “Witches” at September Gallery

Ken Levine: next season’s sitcoms; sitcom writing underachievement

Kim Newman: Kaboom; Don’t Let Him In; Cobra Woman

Kliph Nesteroff: The Steve Allen Christmas Show (1961); The Paul Lynde Show (with guest Jodie Foster).[..a vintage example of sub-par sitcom writing…]; East Side, West Side: “The Beatnik and the Politician” with Alan Arkin

Kristina Dijan: The Invisible Ray; Union Depot; Great Villains Blogathon; The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

Laura G: Disneyland; Split Second; Dina Merrill and Roger Moore; Daredevils of the Red Circle; Challenge to Lassie; Spencer’s Mountain; All the King’s Men; Hollow Triumph; The Big Heat; Iron Man (1951 film); The Man Who Cheated Himself; Arthur Lyons Film Noir Festival 2017

Lindsey D: Eyewitness (1956 film); Let’s Make It Legal; Topper Returns; Extraordinary Tales; Two on a Guillotine

The Long Shot: Tim Baltz; Helen Hong; Paul Danke; Jordan Brady

Louis Fowler: South Bronx Heroes; The Firm

Maria Alexander: What Star Wars (including the radio series) meant for me…

Mark Anthony Lacy: Top 12 1960s sexploitation films

Martin Edwards: Dead Man’s Evidence; Don’t Talk to Strange Men; Crimefest; Allied; Thriller of the Year (stage); Danger by My Side; Stranger in Town

Marty McKee: The Return of Count Yorga; Prescription: Murder (Columbo pilot); Silent Rage; Around the World Under the Sea: Night Patrol; Jungle Moon Men

Mildred Perkins: The Dressmaker

Mitchell Hadley: New York City-area television, 22 May 1968; Roger Moore; TV Guide 18 May 1968

Movie Sign with the Mads: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai; The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Noel Vera: Takaw Tukso (“Passion Play”); MNL 143

Patti Nase Abbott: 30 Rock; 1984 (1984 film); Late Night with David Letterman; A Quiet Passion

Patricia Nolan-Hall: Ricardo Cortez; Simon and Laura; Five Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, James Cagney, Laurel and Hardy, John Wayne; A Tree Grows in Brooklyn; Dial M for Murder (1954); Little Boy Lost; Me and My Pal; The Far Country

Paul D Brazill: Dog Soldiers; Last Cab to Darwin; Len and Company

The Projection Booth: The Lost One; The Ninth Configuration; Who is Arthur Chu?; Mommie Dearest; Wanda Whips Wall Street; Rick Marx; Tami Stronach

Raquel Stecher: The Beguiled; Dancing Lady; What’s Up, Doc?; The China Syndrome

Ren Zelen: Something Wild

Rick: The African Queen; Five Stars: Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Katherine Hepburn; Young Sherlock Holmes; Billy Wider; Marlowe; equestrian films

Rod Lott: Wolves at the Door; The Circle; Rest Stop: SST: Death Flight; SnakeEater; SnakeEater II: The Drug Buster; The Belko Experiment

Ruth Kerr: Night Nurse; You Can’t Take It With You; Five Stars: Ida Lupino, The Nicholas Brothers, Thelma Ritter, John Wayne; Stella Dallas; TCM Classic Film Festival

Salome Wilde: A Woman’s Face (1938 Sweden and 1941 US); Laird Cregar; Five Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Gabin, Ida Lupino, Lauren Bacall, Peter Lorre; Nazi noir: The Murderers are Among Us; Turn the Key Softly; noir and the Oscars; Finger of Guilt (aka Intimate Stranger)

Scott Cupp: Arsene Lupin; The Giant Claw; The Neanderthal Man (1953 film); Reaper: Pilot

Sergio Angelini: Last Resort; The Woman in Green; The Marseilles Contract

Stacia Kissick Jones: Johnny Guitar; Gas-s-s-s

Stacie Ponder: The Fog

Steve Lewis: The House That Dripped Blood; The Murder of Dr. Harrigan; Hero; Company Business; Medicine Man (1992 film)

Television Obscurities: The Halls of Ivy: “The Old Professor Forgets His Umbrella”

Todd Liebenow: Underrated 1987 films

Tynan: Roman Holiday; Blue Jay; East of Eden

Vienna: The Jimmy Stewart Museum; Ricardo Cortez; Charles McGraw

Wayne Dundee: Arizona Bushwhackers


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    • It’s you who’s owed the thanks, Todd . . . but I seem to have said that before!

      there are a few more additions on the post as usual…

      I keep meaning to add a line to this effect, and I keep forgetting. Not sure how to get round this forgetting bit, since most often I do the actual mounting of posts here at the end of the working day, which may be late at night, when the ol’ brain’s energies are ebbing!

      • No reason for you to worry about my afterthoughts, unless you’d like to go and cut and paste from my blog. And, of course, running late today after a bout of what amounts to food poisoning…I suspect previously unsuspected sausage grease mixed in with my fast-food scrambled eggs. Surprise sausage did similar things to me some years back, when I discovered chorizo in an omelette too late…

  1. Welcome Back! A real treasure trove here and many thanks for listing the Allan Fish Online Festival in this lineup!

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