reblog: Raymond Burr Centennial

** When I read this stupendous (and very well illustrated) essay on one of the greats of the noirish screen, I hesitated about one millisecond before asking blogger Brian Camp if I might reblog it here. He kindly assented, so . . .

Brian Camp's Film and Anime Blog

Raymond Burr would have turned 100 today, May 21, 2017. He’s most famous for three roles, two on television and one in the movies. On television he first starred in “Perry Mason,” portraying the title character, a criminal defense attorney who won almost every case he took. The series premiered on CBS in 1957 (sixty years ago this fall) and ran for nine seasons (until 1966). He then returned to the role in a run of 26 TV movies that began in 1985 and continued until his death in 1993. (The final film aired after his death.)

Perry Mason 1957:

Perry Mason 1985:

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2 thoughts on “reblog: Raymond Burr Centennial

    • Ironside is discussed at some length in the essay. I’m surprised you haven’t come across him in either of the incarnations of Perry Mason, which have been pretty ubiquitous. You’ve likely also seen him in Rear Window and Godzilla.

      But his noir and related work is truly splendid — much worth looking out for!

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