Todd Mason’s Overlooked A/V: the links to reviews, etc., of films, television, radio and more

Once more the invaluable listing of media-related articles and reviews from around the web. Click HERE to be taken to Todd’s Sweet Freedom blog for the individual links.

A.J. Wright: Alabama Jones

Alice Chang: Gravity Rush 2

Anne Billson: Night on the Galactic Railroad

The Big Broadcast: 16 April 2017 archived
7 p.m. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
“The Cui Bono Matter” Part 5 (CBS, Original air date February 17, 1956)(Running time 14:45)
7:15 p.m. Treasury Star Parade
“An Easter Story” (US Treasury, Original recording date 1942)(Running time 14:31)
7:30 p.m. The Jack Benny Show
“Walking in the Easter Parade” (CBS, Original air date April 17, 1949)(Running time 26:06)
8:00 p.m. Gunsmoke
“The Correspondent” (CBS, AFRTS rebroadcast, Original air date November 23, 1958)(Running time 18:28)
8:20 p.m. NBC Live Report
“FDR Greets Easter Egg Rollers” (NBC, Original broadcast date March 29, 1937)(Running time 6:55)
8:30 p.m. Dragnet
Program #60 “The Big Dare” (NBC, Original air date August 3, 1950)(Running time 26:52)
9:00 p.m. The Six Shooter
“The Crisis at Easter Creek” (NBC, Original air date April 15, 1954)(Running time 29:49)
9:30 p.m. Our Miss Brooks
“New Egg Dye” (CBS, Original air date April 9, 1950)(Running time 29:36)
10:00 p.m. Marian Anderson Concert
“Live at the Lincoln Memorial” (Original broadcast date April 9, 1939)(Running time 29:02)
10:30 p.m. Lights Out!
“The Flame” (CBS, Original air date March 23, 1943)(Running time 23:19)

Bill Crider: The Golden Arrow (1962 film) [trailer]

Bob Freelander: Rumble Fish; Tales from the Hood

Brian Lindenmuth: Gunfight at the OK Corral films

B.V. Lawson: Media Murder

Classic Movie Salon: discussing All the Presidents Men

Colin McGulgan: The Lady from Shanghai

Comedy Film Nerds: Troy Conrad; Jordan Brady

Cult TV/Bob: The Avengers (with Diana Rigg): “Small Game for Big Hunters”

Cynthia Fuchs: Heal the Living; Miss Sloane

Dan Stumpf: Skipalong Rosenblum

The Dana Gould Hour: Stephen Tobolowsky; Maggie Rowe

David Cramner: The Dark Valley

David Vineyard: Fistful of Diamonds

Elizabeth Foxwell: Candles at Nine

The Faculty of Horror: the films Resident Evil; Silent Hill

George Kelley: Batman: The Animated Series: The Joker Collection

Graham Chapman/Eric Idle and John Cleese

How Did This Get Made?: The Lake House

Iba Dawson: I, Daniel Blake

International Waters: Amber Nash, D’Arcy Carden, Susy Kane and Humphrey Ker

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Alcatraz Island; Missing Witnesses; Over the Wall; Broadway Musketeers; Bob Hope Salutes the Troops

Jack Seabrook: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: James Bridges adapts Margaret MIllar’s “Beast in View”

Jackie Kashian/The Dork Forest: Julie Dixon Jackson on genealogy and genealogy television

Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Rhapsody in Blue (1945 film)

Jake Hinkson: Edward Herrmann and audiobooks

James Clark: Close-Up (1990 Iranian film)

James Reasoner: The Shakiest Gun in the West

Janet Varney/The JV Club: Felicia Day; Giulia Rozzi

Jason Abbey: The Big Heat

J.D. Lafrance: Tombstone

Jedidiah Ayres: Go for Sisters

Jerry House: Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout; Superman (MBS/Mutual Radio); The Blue Beetle (CBS Radio)

John Carpenter: guilty pleasures

John Grant: “Crime Scenes: Donald Westlake on Film”; House of Mystery(1961 film); The Laws of Motion

John Scoleri: Dark Shadows Before I Die: the episodes reviewed; Dr. Phibes Rises Again and Caroline Munro

John Varley: “The White Helmets”; Stalag 17

Jonathan Lewis: Two on a Guillotine; The Night Visitor

Karen Hannsberry: The Hollywood Museum; movies that make KH cry

Ken Levine: Elizabeth Montgomery; Fridays; Friends: The Musical

Kim Newman: The Transfiguration; Bloody Muscle-Builder from Hell

Kliph Nesteroff: The Mike Douglas Show (1966 episodes); Late Night with David Letterman: Irwin Corey (1983)

Emma Thompson’s 1988 BBC sketch comedy series Thompson, episode 4

Kristina Dijan: Classic films to watch this year; Crisis (1950 film); Rawhide (1951 film)

Laura G: Lovin’ the Ladies; Smart Woman; Millionaires in Prison; TCM Classic Film Festival

Lindsay D: recent films; Always Goodbye; Our Song; Three Loves Has Nancy

The Long Shot: Nick Mandernach

Louis Fowler: Three for the Road

Maltin on Movies: J. K. Simmons

Martin Edwards: Fear is the Key

Marty McKee: Charley Varrick

Mildred Perkins: The Andromeda Strain (1971 film)

Mitchell Hadley: Television, Baltimore/Washington DC 18 April 1972; TV Guide, 15 April 1972

Movie Sign with the Mads: Valley of the Dolls

Noel Vera: Toni Erdmann

Patricia Nolan-Hall: Boots Malone

Patti Abbott: Dead of Night

Paul Brazill: Nil by Mouth; Big City Blues

The Projection Booth: La Grande Illusion

Raquel Stecher: America, America; Carl and Rob Reiner; TCM Classic Film Festival red carpet

Rick: Sleeping Beauty (1959 Disney)

Rod Lott: The Dungeon of Harrow; Seedpeople

Ruth Kerr: Chinatown

Salome Wilde: Dead Ringer

Sanford Allen: Raw

Scott Cupp: Paul

Scott Drebit: Underrated 1987 films

Serena Bramble: Gloria Grahame

Sergio Angelini: The Marseille Contract (aka The Destructors)

Stacia Kissick Jones: Torch Song; Flamingo Road (1949 film); The Delinquents; S.O.B.

Stacie Ponder: 20 favorite horror films

Stephen Bowie: Peyton Place (television)

Stephen Gallagher: A British writer in US tv

Steve Lewis: Dead Again

Thompson (BBC 1988) episode 1 part 1

Television Obscurities: Life is Wild

Tynan: Solaris (1972); A Clockwork Orange

Vienna: Greta Garbo


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