o/t: leisure reading during January 2017

Several real goodies here, I’m pleased to say. The links are as usual to my often hasty Goodreads notes.

4 thoughts on “o/t: leisure reading during January 2017

  1. I managed to read one book in January, but it was terrific! “Without You There is No Us” by Suki Kim. She’s an American journalist who went undercover to teach English in a North Korean university. Completely absorbing.

    Oh wait – I also read “A Train in Winter” by Caroline Moorehead, true account of women in the French resistance who are caught & sent to concentration camps. Not for the fainthearted.

    Of the books you read in January, which ones are your faves?

    • Those both sound interesting, although I’m not sure I could face the latter — as I become older and more decrepit, I find it far more difficult to cope with human cruelty.

      Faves among y own January reads? Prolly Billie’s Kiss and Almost, although this could change tomorrow, or even by lunchtime today . . .

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