o/t: my youngest reviewer yet?

There’s an interesting site called LitPick that’s devoted to reviews of books for children and young adults. The premise of the site, which has grown to be fairly huge by now, is that the books should be reviewed not by adults but by children themselves.


When I heard this morning that the reviewer who’d written for them about my book Eureka: 50 Scientists Who Shaped Human History is aged just 11, I was slightly startled — after all, the book’s intended for young adults. But I needn’t have worried. Although his review is quite short, Jonny has clearly got his thoughts well in order . . . and, luckily for me, he liked the book! A taster:

Some of the scientists featured are well known, but others were new to me. I always recognized the important contribution to science that appears at the beginning of each essay though and thought, “Wow, so this is who figured that out?” . . . Grant makes [the scientists] come to life as the hardships they overcame to reach their goals [are] woven into information about their lifetime accomplishments.

Read the whole review here.

In fact, Jonny liked the book enough that he gave it a five-star review, which means I get a little certificate thingie:


Thanks, Jonny!



17 thoughts on “o/t: my youngest reviewer yet?

  1. I was going to say exactly what FictionFan did. I wish I could organize my thoughts so well. A very perceptive 11-year-old.

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