o/t: leisure reading during 2016

For what it’s worth:














The links are to my often rather hasty Goodreads notes. All told, I read 118 books for leisure during the year, of which, by my possibly unreliable count, 68 were by women and (shamefully) just 18 were in translation. For two of the books listed, I’m the only person ever to have recorded reading them on Goodreads, so there.

And a Happy New Year to both my readers!


10 thoughts on “o/t: leisure reading during 2016

    • One of them was by Marjorie Bowen, whose books were everywhere when I was a kid. She seems to have fallen so far out of fashion as to be forgotten entirely (and in a way I can see why, even though the book in question was moderately entertaining).

      The other was a John Dickson Carr ultra-obscurity, written he was a student, and which can apparently be found only in his college magazine (in the Internet Archive) and, in translation, in a couple of foreign collections. Needless to say, the Goodreads cataloguing robots have now conflated the listings of the novella and the foreign collections.

  1. Delighted you enjoyed The Secret in Their Eyes so much! I thought is was terrific, too – ditto the Pascal Garnier. I’m going to have to try Elisabeth Sanxay Holding at some point. I’ve made as note of Who’s Afraid? (In fact, I think you may have recommended it to me a while ago via GoodReads…)

    • I think you may have recommended it to me a while ago via GoodReads

      I probably did. I do a lot of recommending of ESH! And thanks for the reminder: it’s about time I treated myself to another of her novels.

      I think it was thanks to your blog that I learned The Secret in Their Eyes had been translated. Pam and I watched and loved the movie some years ago, so finding the novel was indeed a delight.

  2. Happy New Year John and Pam!! Here’s a toast to a better year than we just endured. This spectacular list is coming from a man who posed the word “tireless” to describe some else’s actions. Ha! My friend, you are actively all year round on THREE fronts: reading voraciously, writing with abandon both for this site and for your new publications and watching many films of which rarities are favored in abundance. And then there is your blogging at other sites to boot. There is some mighty great stuff on this list.

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