I’m too sick at heart to post a movie writeup here today, even though it’s a Wednesday. I hope normal service will be resumed on Saturday.

They made America small again. And petty, and mean, and vile.


14 thoughts on “o/t

  1. John,

    We understand completely. And we sympathize mightily. Noir is best when it remains at a certain distance; now it’s suddenly much too close to home.

    • Earlier today I actually contemplated that possibility quite seriously. I very, very, very rarely begin dreaming lucidly, and it starts when something occurs in my dream so preposterous that even my dreaming mind bridles. (Far more preposterous things can happen in other dreams without triggering the lucidity, but that’s by the by.) At one point this morning it crossed my mind that this could be some hellish dream and I did a little mental test of it.

      No such luck.

  2. Suddenly Brexit fades into insignificance. Out of all the appallingness, it’s the climate change thing that’s most devastating. Having reached the bottom, though, the only way is up – right?

    • Having reached the bottom, though, the only way is up – right?

      That’s the terrifying thing about the climate-change aspect: once you get far enough down the tubes, there is no way back up.

  3. John, I can assure you we will all live to fight another day. And the jury is still out on Trump as far as his “staying the course” on anything. he once considered Hillary the greatest person since Jesus Christ and his ideology was liberalism. This many would turn on a dime. Of course it is no special commodity to have a narcissist and a sociopath as the face of our nation. First we had Brexit and now this. Somehow they are connected.

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