12 thoughts on “o/t: In my hot little hands

    • Thanks!

      I’ve just realized that I should have added a proviso to the effect that my hands are not little at all. In fact, they’re very large hands. Because I’m that kind of guy. Everyone knows that. I . . .

    • Many thanks! The one on the left is new — it came out at the beginning of the month — but the one on the right is a recent, retitled hardback reprint of my last year’s book Debunk It! The copy of the reprint arrived yesterday, and I’m very gruntled with it.

  1. “EUREKA, BULLSHIT…” “Well, but of course, Paisan’…bullshit always reeks…but you talking to some?” Further congratulations, and on the size of your hands!

    • Thanks! (Currently photoshopping all the photos of me I can find in which the hands are visible. Now I look like Mickey Mouse, at least handwise, in most of them, albeit with number of digits augmented.)

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