o/t: Eureka! now on NetGalley


Electronic ARCs of my upcoming (September 6) book Eureka! are now available from NetGalley: click HERE.

Here’s a blurb-like object:

Galileo, Einstein, Curie, Darwin, Hawking — we know the names, but how much do we really know about these people? Galileo gained notoriety over his battle with the Vatican, but did you know that this “father of modern science” was also an accomplished lute player? And Darwin of course discovered the principle by which new species are formed, but his bold curiosity extended to the dinner table as well. (How many people can say they’ve eaten an owl?) In Eureka! John Grant — author of Debunk It!, Discarded Science, Spooky Science and many others — offers fifty vivid portraits of groundbreaking scientists. From lutes and owls to astronomy and evolution, Eureka! explains how these scientific geniuses have shaped our understanding – and how they spent their free time.

(For further information and to request interviews/review copies, please contact Emma Boyer at emma@zestbooks.net.)


12 thoughts on “o/t: Eureka! now on NetGalley

    • Glad to hear it! Tell all your friends! Tell even people who aren’t your friends! Leaflet your neighbours! Buys ads in the national press!

      Er, hope you enjoy it.

      • Haha! They declined me! Thrown out of Europe and declined by NetGalley and it’s not 7 a.m. yet – I’m guessing this isn’t going to be a good day… 😉

        (They say it’s because all the review copies have gone already – sounds good! Hope you get some great reviews 🙂 )

        • I’ll report this to the publicist and find out what’s going on. In the meantime I could email you a pdf if that’d fit the bill?

          Desperately unhappy about Brexit. With luck, though, you in Scotland will be back in the EU in no time, nae bother.

          • Got it- thank you!

            To be honest, I’m hoping we get time to breathe before we’re forced into yet another referendum – can’t take any more. Can’t believe we’ve done this to ourselves…

            • Well, Cameron is a complete . . . oh, hello, the WordPress profanity filters are curtailing my constitutional freedom. He’s a total — woops, it’s dunnit again.

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