o/t: Todd Mason’s Overlooked A/V: Films, Television, Radio and More

Yes, it’s that time of the week again! Here’s another episode of Todd’s great roundup of movie/av goodies from around the blogosphere. Click the WORMHOLE button to be transported to Todd’s Sweet Freedom blog and all the individual links.

  • Anne Billson: 10 Underrated Crime Drama Films from the 1990s
  • Anonymous: Speedy; Please Give; After the Wedding
  • Bhob Stewart: “22G”
  • The Big Broadcast: Juneteenth, 2016
    7 p.m. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
    “The Callicles Matter” Parts 1 and 2 (CBS, Original Airdates April 30th and May 1st, 1956)
    7:30 p.m. My Favorite Husband
    “Knitting Baby Booties” (CBS, Original airdate September 24, 1948)
    8 p.m. Gunsmoke
    “Man and Boy” (CBS, Original airdate October 27, 1957)
    8:30 p.m. The Great Gilder sleeve
    “Father’s Day Chair” (NBC, Original airdate June 21, 1942)
    9 p.m. Dragnet
    “Red Light Bandit” (NBC, Original airdate July 14, 1949)
    9:30 p.m. The Adventures of Father Brown
    “The Three Tools of Death” (Mutual/MBS, Original airdate July 22, 1945)
    10 p.m. Lux Radio Theater
    “SORELL AND SON” (CBS, Original airdate January 01, 1940)
  • Bill Crider: Layer Cake [trailer]
  • B. V. Lawson: Media Murder
  • Colin McGulgan: Ice Cold in Alex
  • Comedy Film Nerds: Paul F. Tompkins
  • Cult TV: The Avengers: “Brought to Book” (mildly NSFW image at top of post)
  • Cynthia Fuchs: Human Rights Watch Film Festival: Starless Dreams; The Crossing
  • Dan Stumpf: The White Gorilla
  • David Cramner: Four Faces West; Monte Walsh; The Grave of Marcus Pauly
  • Elizabeth Foxwell: Detective Kitty O’Day; Mike Chomko on PulpFest and Argosy artists/illustrators
  • Eric Hillis: Woman on the Run
  • George Kelley: Maggie’s Plan
  • Gilbert Colon: Person of Interest
  • “Gilligan Newton-John”: Satan’s Blood; Nuda per Satana (NSFW imagery)
  • Iba Dawson: films v. the books they adapt
  • Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Let Freedom Ring; Crime Classics
  • Jackie Kashian: Sarah Urling, private detective
  • Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show
  • Jacqueline T. Lynch: Titanic (1953 film)
  • James Clark: Life (2015 film)
  • James Reasoner: The Forbidden Kingdom
  • Janet Varney: Gary Anthony Williams
  • Jerry House: The Trail Beyond
  • Joe Yanick: River’s Edge and other underrated films of 1986
  • John Grant: The Phantom in the House; Key Largo; Salvare la faccia
  • Jonathan Lewis: Skyjacked
  • K. A. Laity: Much Ado About Nothing (Dundee Rep, stage)
  • Karen Hannsberry: Stalag 17
  • Ken Levine: Difficult People; multi-camera sitcoms; writer credits
  • Kliph Nesteroff: Rose Marie
  • Kristina Dijan: The Underworld Story; The Sound of Fury; The Rains Came
  • Laura G.: Prairie Law; Stage to Chino; James A. FitzPatrick TravelTalks shorts (Volume 1); Key Largo
  • Lesley Gaspar: Laura
  • Lindsey: Carnival of Souls; A Woman’s Secrets
  • Lucy Brown: Best of Men
  • Marty McKee: The Girl Next Door (1978 film); (The FBI:) Cosa Nostra: An Arch Enemy of the FBI
  • Mildred Perkins: The Jungle Book
  • Mitchell Hadley: The Rebel; TV Guide, 20 June 1959
  • Noel Vera: Heneral Luna; 100 Best Filipino Films
  • Patricia Abbott: Kate and Allie; Weiner
  • Patricia Nolan-Hall: Dreamboat; Woman’s World; The Winslow Boy
  • Paul D. Brazill: Kes
  • Rachel Stecher: The Bride Walks Out
  • Rick: Pride and Prejudice (1940 film)
  • Rod Lott: The Last Slumber Party; Careful What You Wish For; Natural Born Pranksters (ugly sort of possibly NSFW image)
  • “Rupert Pupkin”: Suture; Return of the Killer Tomatoes
  • Ruth Kerr: The Conquest of Everest; Reel Infatuation
  • Salome Wilde: She Couldn’t Take It; Scarlet Street
  • Scott A. Cupp: Wild in the Streets
  • Sergio Angelini: Campion: “Police at the Funeral”
  • Stacia Jones: If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium; Gold
  • Stacie Ponder: The House That Dripped Blood; The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave
  • Stephen Bowie: Leonard Heideman, murderer, Mission: Impossible producer
  • Steve Lewis: Calling Dr. Death; Trancers [Bill Crider on Trancers];
  • Steve Scott: John D. MacDonald on the film industry, 1948 (courtesy Bill Crider)
  • Theresa Brown: Send Me No Flowers
  • TV Obscurities: The Mike Wallace Interview
  • Victoria Loomes: Boccaccio ’70
  • Vienna: Finger of Guilt

4 thoughts on “o/t: Todd Mason’s Overlooked A/V: Films, Television, Radio and More

  1. Wormholing! Better than silverfish-holing…or broken-sprocketing…thanks as always! (And I suspect Cameron is not taking a hand against following the plebiscite because he values “now lie in it” revenge against Johnson and Farage over what even he might consider the nation’s best interests…)

    • My thanks as always for allowing me to repost.

      The whole Brexit thing is a mess — a triumph of lies and the power of misinformation. It has severely dented Pam’s and my hopes for the future; I shudder to think what it’s done for others’.

      I’m also mad with the Blairite infants in the Parliamentary Labour Party for making things even worse than they might have been. The whole ficking lot of them ought to be getting a belated round of potty-training.

      • Neoliberals aren’t accustomed to not getting their way…why else would they so consistently truckle to plutocrats, if not to borrow their clout? Throw in sops to reactionaries one year, sops to welfare statists the next, and it all comes out of the hides of the people in the wash. But if the people wanted protection, why didn’t they just get rich and buy influence, they way the rich have?

        • Too true. I guess history will remember the Blairite defectors as those who, when it looked as if it might be possible to destroy the Conservatives, chose to destroy Labour instead.

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