o/t: Todd Mason’s Overlooked A/V: the new links: Films, Television, Radio and More

The latest installment of Todd’s roundup of relevant writings on the blogosphere. For the individual links, click HERE.

  • Anne Billson: City of Angels (and contemporary 1998 releases/re-releases)
  • Anonymous: Greed; The Sessions; Private Hell 36
  • Bhob Stewart: “Oktapodi”
  • The Big Broadcast: 12 June 2016:
    7 p.m. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
    “The Stock-In-Trade Matter” (CBS, Original airdate June 4 1961)
    7:30 p.m. Tribute to Ed Walker and Remembering D-Day
    8 p.m. Gunsmoke
    “The Margin”, episode 272 (CBS, AFRS version, Original airdate September 15, 1957)
    8:30 p.m. Burns & Allen
    “George wants out of broadcasting” (NBC, Original airdate October 28, 1940)
    9 p.m. Dragnet
    “The Big Handsome Bandit”, episode #265/268 (NBC, Original airdate October 5, 1954)
    9:30 p.m. Jack Benny Show
    “Beverly Hills Tour” (CBS origination, AFRTS rebroadcast, Original airdate September 11, 1949)
    10 p.m. Lux Radio Theater
    “All My Sons” (NBC, Original airdate May 1, 1950)
  • Bill Crider: Northmen: A Viking Saga [trailer]
  • B. V. Lawson: Media Murder
  • Col/Colman: April a/v capsule reviews
  • Comedy Film Nerds: Mike Schmidt; Pop Star “spoiler” discussion with Diana Rojek; Jensen Karp
  • Cullen Gallagher: Good Day for a Hanging
  • Cult TV: The Avengers: “Please Don’t Feed the Animals”
  • Dan Stumpf: Shack Out on 101; Devil and the Deep
  • David Cramner: Daredevil, season one
  • David Vineyard: Lisa; John Goldfarb, Please Come Home; You Know What Sailors Are?
  • Dean Treadway: underrated films of 1986
  • Elgin Bleecker: The Big Combo and the end of film noir
  • Elizabeth Foxwell: Disney’s Wonderful World: “The Kids Who Knew Too Much” (from Nicolas Blake’s The Whisper in the Gloom)
  • Eric Hillis: The Girl King
  • George Kelley: High-Rise; A Bigger Splash
  • “Gilligan Newton-John”: Fall Preview, 1989 US tv season; television news
  • How Did This Get Made?: The Boy Next Door
  • Iba Dawson: Kino’s “educational” video packages
  • Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Stations West; The Seas Beneath; Basil Rathbone on radio
  • Jack Seabrook: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: “The Crocodile Case”
  • Jackie Kashian: Laura House
  • Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show
  • Jacqueline T. Lynch: No Down Payment
  • Jake Hinkson: The Black Cat (1934 Karloff/Lugosi film)
  • James Clark: Everybody Wants Some
  • James Reasoner: Club Havana
  • Janet Varney: Dave Hill
  • Jerry House: Back Stage (Buster Keaton short); Ellen Degeneres on procrastination
  • John Grant: The Letter (1929 film); Painted Faces; The List (2014 film)
  • Jonathan Lewis: To Live and Die in L.A.; The Invisible Menace; Five Guns West
  • K. A. Laity: Upstart Crow
  • Karen Hannsberry: Desperate
  • Kelly Robinson: The Nail in the Boot
  • Ken Levine: UMatic and other VCRs
  • Kliph Nesteroff: Red Buttons
  • Kristina Dijan: The 400 Blows; Shoot the Piano Player; Jules et Jim; Les Cousins; Le Beau Serge; Stranger on the Third Floor; The True Story of Lynn Stuart
  • Laura G.: This Way Please; My Foolish Heart; Father of the Bride (1950 film); Lady Gangster; I Was Framed; William Lundigan
  • Lesley Gaspar: Joseph Cotten
  • Lindsey: Another Face; Slightly Dangerous; Music in My Heart
  • Lucy Brown: The Village
  • Martin Edwards: The Teckman Mystery; Bodies from the Library
  • Marty McKee: Unmasking the Idol; Heist; Made Men
  • Michael Shonk: George Sanders Mystery Theater (aka Mystery Writers Theater) (and the abortive Craig Rice Theater)
  • Mildred Perkins: Dance of the Dead
  • Mitchell Hadley: Sesame Street’s “Monsterpiece Theater”; “A Short Vision”; TV Guide, 9 June 1956
  • Noel Vera: The Trial of Andres Bonifacio; The Witch
  • Patricia Abbott: Take Shelter
  • Patricia Nolan-Hall: The Winslow Boy
  • Paul D. Brazill: Television World Theatre: “The Government Inspector” (from the Gogol story)
  • Rachel Stecher: Period of Adjustment; Lady in Cement
  • Rick: Revenge of the Creature; The Creature from the Black Lagoon; The Ballad of Andy Crocker
  • Rod Lott: Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein; The Funhouse Massacre; Fists of Steel; R.O.T.O.R.
  • Ruth Kerr: Reel Infatuation blogathon; Rio Bravo
  • Salome Wilde: Gilda
  • Scott A. Cupp: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama
  • Sergio Angelini: The Clue of the Silver Key
  • Stacie Ponder: The Attic
  • Stacia Jones: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • Stephen Bowie: The Invaders
  • Steve Lewis: Once a Thief (1965 film); Isle of Missing Men
  • TV Obscurities: The Loner; Nielsen Bottom 10 tv shows, 30 November-6 December 1987
  • Victoria Loomes: Monster
  • Vienna: Ida Lupino, director; Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds
  • Yvette Banek: Grace and Frankie

4 thoughts on “o/t: Todd Mason’s Overlooked A/V: the new links: Films, Television, Radio and More

  1. Thanks, as always! It might actually be getting too long…but, of course, I hope people follow the links at the links to all the other wonders and at least items of interest as the arise…

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