o/t: leisure reading during May

I thought I’d got through a fair stack of books this past month, so was surprised to discover the total was pretty modest. As always, the links are to my fairly hurried Goodreads jottings.



4 thoughts on “o/t: leisure reading during May

  1. You read a lot more than me John. A couple there I wouldn’t mind trying. I may have the Brown somewhere in the stash already.

  2. Well, I read one book this month. Just one. And it wasn’t even 500 pages. I must be slacking off in my old age.

    As of your list, it looks like a great bunch of titles. How did you like The Old Man in the Corner?

    • Yes, but was it an improving book?

      I liked The Old Man in the Corner quite a lot — enough that I downloaded more of Orczy’s stuff from Gutenberg. The stories have a nice, genial lightness: they’re not going to keep anyone awake at nights thinking through the implications, or whatever, but they offer an amiable companionship . . . which is just what’s sometimes wanted.

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