o/t: Todd Mason’s Overlooked A/V: films, television, radio and more

Another valuable roundup from Todd. Click HERE to be transported to his Sweet Freedom blog for all the individual links.

  • Anne Billson: Parkland and other JFK assassination films
  • Anonymous: The Crowd; The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; The Wind; Three Colors: White
  • Bhob Stewart: “Terminus”; Carnival of Souls; Baby Doll; “Eyeborg”
  • The Big Broadcast: 22 May 2016
    7:00p Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
    The Simple Simon Matter 05/14/61) (22:51)
    7:30p Dragnet #265
    The Big Cut (09/14/54) (25:07)
    8:00p Gunsmoke
    Custer (09/15/57) (20:45)
    8:30p Mr. and Mrs. Blandings
    The New Freeway (11/08/50) (28:46)
    9:00p The Halls of Ivy
    The Lame Girl and the Hypochondriac (03/12/59) (28:59)
    9:30p Phil Harris and Alice Faye
    The Television Test (11/06/49) (29:29)
    10:00p Screen Guild Theater
    Bachelor Mother (03/08/51) (55:48)
  • Bill Crider: Charade (1963 film)[trailer]
  • “BNoirDetour”: Kay Francis and Walter Huston, 1931-1950
  • B. V. Lawson: Media Murder
  • Comedy Film Nerds: Jay Larson; Tim Bennett
  • Cult TV: The Avengers: “The Radioactive Man”
  • Dan Stumpf: Station West
  • David Vineyard: Panic in Year Zero!
  • Elizabeth Foxwell: Four Star Playhouse: “Night Ride”
  • George Kelley: Sing Street
  • Gilligan Newton-John: Swedish Wildcats; What the Swedish Butler Saw (NSFW imagery)
  • How Did This Get Made?: Hell Comes to Frogtown; SolarBabies
  • Iba Dawson: Love and Friendship
  • Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Too Late for Tears; Ruthless; The Family Secret; Dick Powell in Richard Diamond, Private Detective and other radio
  • Jackie Kashian: Gina Devivo
  • Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin: The Jackie and Laurie Show
  • Jacqueline T. Lynch: Cinevent
  • Jake Hinkson: Too Late for Tears
  • James Reasoner: Escape from Fort Bravo
  • Janet Varney: Amber Tozer
  • Jerry House: Love from a Stranger (aka A Night of Terror); The Jack Benny Program: “Jack Hires Rochester”; TEDx Talks: “Growing Up in STEM as a Girl: Cassidy Williams”
  • Jim Knipfel: Kiss Me Deadly
  • John Grant: Seven Thunders; The Young Don’t Cry; Operation Diplomat
  • Jonathan Lewis: Crush the Skull
  • Karen Hannsberry: Great Villains!
  • Kelley Robinson: “How It Feels to be Run Over”
  • Ken Levine: Mary and the Chicago Post
  • Kliph Nesteroff: The Mike Douglas Show: “Minnie Pearl and Anissa Jones”, 1969
  • Kristina Dijan: The Man from Laramie; Pleasure Cruise; Double Harness; 3 Joel McCrea westerns; another 3 Joel McCrea westerns; Great Villains!
  • Laura G: The Private Affairs of Bel Ami; Woman on the Run; Susan Slept Here; The Florodora Girl; Haunted Honeymoon
  • Lindsey: Walk the Dark Street
  • Lucy Brown: Case Histories
  • Martin Edwards: Julia’s Eyes; Phoenix; Marcella; CrimeFest 2016
  • Marty McKee: Trial by Terror; Bounty Killer
  • Mitchell Hadley: TV Guide, Dallas/Ft. Worth, 1 June 1956
  • Noel Vera: The Heavens Indivisible
  • Patricia Abbott: Sunset Song
  • Patricia Nolan-Hall: Maverick: “Shady Deal at Sunny Acres”
  • Paul D. Brazill: contra carrying on with Carry On…
  • Peter Rozovsky: CrimeFest 2016
  • Pop My Culture: Rick Overton
  • Raquel Stecher: Anne of Green Gables (1934 film)
  • Rick: 23 Paces to Baker Street; Signpost to Murder
  • Rod Lott: Nature Girl and the Slaver; Snakes on a Plane; 4 recent psychopath films; My Amityville Horror; The Boy
  • “Rupert Pupkin”: Manhunter
  • Ruth Kerr: Great Villains!; Touch of Evil
  • Sam Juliano: The King and I (stage)
  • Scott A. Cupp: Fathom
  • Sergio Angelini: Strait-Jacket
  • Stacia Jones: Candy: Try and Get Me! (aka The Sound of Fury); Dolemite
  • Stephen Baxter: Meg Mundy
  • Stephen Gallagher: Festival of Fantastic Films
  • Steve Lewis: The Dakotas: “A Man Called Ragan”
  • Victoria Loomes: My Fair Lady
  • Vienna: The Ice Follies of 1939

And HERE‘s that link again.


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