Key Lime Pie (2007)

A highly entertaining three-minute animated short about a food fatale!

Canada / 3 minutes 30 seconds / bw animated / Trevor Jimenez Dir & Pr & Scr & Anim: Trevor Jimenez Voice cast: Barry Parker.

Key Lime Pie - 0 opener

An extremely short animated movie that uses all the noirish tropes—well, the cinematography, the obsessive desire, the husky voiceover—to tell a tale of food lust. PI-type Mitch Bernstein (voiced by Parker) cannot control his yearnings for key lime pie, despite what his doctor has told him about the risk it’s creating for his heart, even despite the fact that, as he reaches for his next slice of the stuff in his local diner, Death suddenly appears on the other side of the table, sickle in hand.

Key Lime Pie - 1 Death appears on the far side of the table

Key Lime Pie - 2 Mitch meets his nemesisI don’t normally deal here with movies that are so short and so simple, but Key Lime Pie seems worth it for, if nothing else, the quite splendid visuals; there’s no real comparison, but for some reason I was reminded of ¡Vampiros en La Habana! (1987; vt Vampires of Havana). I haven’t been able to find out a whole lot about the movie, which seems to be a student effort by Jimenez that he’s posted here, but it’s one that I’m very glad I discovered.

Key Lime Pie - closer

18 thoughts on “Key Lime Pie (2007)

      • ok, good call. this is not for the boy. there’s a long parenthetical i’ll bore you with–Vikram just turned 8 and ordered amma to make him key lime pie, a standard fave in this house. that’s why i thought of him. my own record of KLP (for that’s what we call it) goes back to jeddah where the Filipino cook made the best d**n KLP anywhere ever, until i figured out his recipe–slightly chilled in the freezer. my buddy always wanted to know why it was ‘key’ lime pie, thinking the key indicated some form of special grandeur. then he tasted, and he knew. KLP, baby. good flick. good times.

        • OK, OK, what does the “key” stand for, oh expert one? 🙂

          Yes, I was puzzledwhen you seemed to assume it was a kids’ flick.Not that I’d have thought it likely to scar a child’s psyche, or whatever, but its main intended audience is obviously grownups.

          • my buddy was always like, why not just call it “lime pie”? why is it “key” lime pie? well, it’s the key limes of course, but also it is so key to eat that cool treat in the hot desert clime. oh yeah. thanks for sharing this vid!

            • Ah! I’d no idea there was such a thing as a key lime. Blame it on Britishness. When I were a lad there were two types of lime you could get: (a) real ones and (b) squeezy plastic bottles. Mind you, type (a) were hard to find.

  1. Ok, never mind. Found it. Had to. It’s gorgeous. Delectably dark. The animation style is superb, and the details too. He has LOVE on one hand and PIES on the other. This guy knows his noir.

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    • Sounds a bit like it, doesn’t it? But there’s a composer credit at the end so I guess we have to assume it’s more of a homage. (I don’t have time to dig my copy of Vertigo out to do a direct comparison, alas.)

    • Glad you liked it, Jacqui! Definitely a fun little piece — and I had great difficulty stopping myself from screengrabbing about half the movie!

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