o/t: leisure reading in March

Something of a thin month, readingwise, in part because of

(a) a couple of abandonments (I’m getting more ruthless about these in my dotage), in part because

(b) we have the men in to do a lot of hammering as they rebuild our downstairs, in part because

(c) I’m halfway through reading a novel that’ll get added to next month’s tally, but mainly because

(d) the first half or more of the month was a mad panic scamper to get my own latest book, Eureka!: Fifty Scientists who Shaped Our World, to the long-suffering, ever-patient Dan Harmon at Zest Books . . . who responded by sending me all his edits in double-quick time for me to, pretty please, go through pronto. Add in

(e) the cricket World T20, where England has reached the final (against the Windies, another moi-favored team), and you can see that March has been something of a helterskelter.

The links in the list below are to my often hasty, usually pretty jejune notes on GoodReads:

Nothing blew my mind away except the Schmitt; the Hawking, the Ifkovic and the Curtiss were much enjoyed, and a couple of the others were disappointments.

April may be a bit thin, too. I imagine the proofs of Eureka! will be coming through, I’ve got to do a frantic catch-up on Noirish (at one point, because of finishing the book, this month I was down to a single written movie entry in the bank, as opposed to the usual dozen or more I like to have in hand), and I promised a story to Peter Coleborn of Alchemy Press for that fine company’s upcoming commemorative volume celebrating the far too short life of Joel Lane.

Not to mention that I have to be dragged off to Loews to choose new lighting fixtures for the downstairs; why is it that, every time I say, “That one!” and point, my beloved says, “You haven’t even looked at the others, damn you”?

(I’m still in trouble because, last time we were at Loews — to choose the kitchen tiles — I started giggling when the staffer said things like “softly illuminated teal at dawn” while showing us tiles that were, y’know, gray. Even worse, the staffer started giggling too.)

4 thoughts on “o/t: leisure reading in March

  1. Your life sounds a bit stressful – I’m serious! However, I love how you wrote this.

    P.S. I hate being dragged to home improvement stores. The carts are always awkward and it’s SUCH a boring experience. Three minutes into the experience, and I’m already asking if we can leave.

    • There are also the concrete floors — after about half an hour I become the daft old geezer complaining to passers-by about his back pains — and the air, which seems somehow to have had all the vitality sucked out of it.

      And the other customers, all of whom look totally competent at home improvement — bastards.

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