o/t: The Academy Strikes Again: The 2016 Oscar Memorial Snubs

++A great offering from Sister Celluloid. The omissions really are boggling.

Sister Celluloid

Last night, according to the official Academy Awards website, “the Oscars took time to honor the many talents we lost during the previous year, the lives they touched and the art they made or made possible…”sis-oscars-1

Yes but they never take quite enough time, do they? I mean, it’s entirely up to them how many minutes they devote to the Memorial Reel versus, say, lame-ass production numbers or cringe-worthy canned banter. (And somehow, while leaving out genuine artists, they always find enough time to squeeze a bunch of publicists in there, don’t they?)

So here we go again, kids, with our annual tradition: taking a moment to honor those who were shamefully left off the reel.

This year, Oscar seemed especially eager to show his back half to those who toiled in classic film, with snubs including Joan Leslie, Colleen Gray, Betsy Drake, Dickie Moore, George Cole, Jayne Meadows, Nova Pilbeam, Betsy…

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5 thoughts on “o/t: The Academy Strikes Again: The 2016 Oscar Memorial Snubs

    • Colin Welland was the one who really stuck out for me. I mean, it’s not so very long ago he was actually on the Oscar stage.

      By the way, it’s Sister Celluloid you have to thank, not me!

  1. I also overplayed the African-American card, and Rock did his share of offending people. Was happy to see the talented Brit Mark Rylance win for his great work in BRIDGE OF SPIES, and it was quite poignant when 87 year-old Ennio Morricone finally won a composing Oscar after decades of being left off.

    • I didn’t watch the event (got this book to finish . . .), but it seems to me that about half the people thought Rock was great, the other half (Pam included) thought he stank. I’ve never been a great Rock fan (just not my brand of humor), so I imagine I’d have agreed with Pam.

      We were both delighted by Rylance’s win (in a movie we saw thanks to your kindness). That was a performance for the ages. Sorry to see Carol shut out and Ex Machina almost entirely so.

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