o/t: leisure reading during January

A reasonable crop this month; not a stinker in the bunch, although a couple seemed a bit humdrum. The links go to my often scrappy notes on GoodReads.



13 thoughts on “o/t: leisure reading during January

    • What brought you to reading Clay’s Ark?

      Um, why not? 🙂 I haven’t read nearly enough of Butler’s work, but what I have read I value very highly indeed. Her Kindred is one of my favorite novels.

      I didn’t pick up on the rabies connection, I must confess.

        • My own copy, bought years ago at a library sale or suchlike, is a bookclub edition from around the time of the original publication. I was under the impression the novel was among her better-known ones, but that may simply be because the book’s been on my shelf, staring at me, for so long.

          I have an omnibus edition somewhere of her Xenogenesis trilogy, and I enjoyed Clay’s Ark enough that the omnibus is now very much on my radar.

          • The Patternmaster series is very different from the Xenogenesis trilogy, but both are pretty fascinating as they comment through SF about gender and race relations. Enjoy!

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