o/t: after a seasonal hiatus, it’s a bumper round of Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

Is “bumper” too small a word for this collection of goodies? Whatever the case, click anywhere on the list to be whisked off into the alternative universe of Todd’s Sweet Freedom site, where you’ll find the individual links.

*     Allan Fish: The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

*    Anne Billson: women in westerns; favorite films of 2015

*     Anonymous: The Bishop’s Wife; Calvary; Phoenix; Barbara

*     Barry Malzberg: The Hustler

*    Ben Radatz: Title Design on “B”-Films: 1940s-50s; 1960s; 1970s and ’80s (courtesy Reed Andrus)

*    Bhob Stewart: Norton Records vs. Hurricane Sandy flooding

*    The Big Broadcast: 20 December (check here for 24 and 25 December episodes)

*    Bill Crider: The Musketeer [trailer]; Rob Roy [trailer]; Dick [trailer]; The Chase [trailer]

*     Brian Arnold: Simple Gifts: “My Christmas”; “December 25, 1914”; “No Room at the Inn”; “Lost and Found”

*    Bev Lawson: Media Murder

*     Colin: City of Bad Men; Two Weeks in Another Town; The Crooked Way; Backfire

*     Comedy Film Nerds: Jackie Kashian on Xmas DVDs; Krampus et al.

*     Cullen Gallagher: James Cagney

*     Cynthia Fuchs: Janis: Little Girl Blue; Crocodile Gennadyi

*    Dan Stumpf: Blast of Silence; Tennessee’s Partner

*     David Vineyard: A Place of One’s Own

*     Elizabeth Foxwell: They Met in the Dark; An Evening with Nicholas Meyer;

*     Four-Star Playhouse: “A Study in Panic”; Fugitives for a Night

*    Evan Lewis: Sergeants Three; Fearless Fosdick

*    Eve: Five Films You Might Not’ve Seen; Frank Sinatra 1965

*    Gary Deane: Inside Detroit

*     George Kelley: 10 Movie Holiday Romance Pack; Doctor Who: The Christmas Specials Gift Set

*     Gilligan Newton-John: Carry On Christmas (and its sequels); Mr. Jericho; Deadly Weapons; Boeing Boeing; The Big Switch; Please Turn Over!

*    How Did This Get Made?: The Star Wars Holiday Special; Steel; Hackers

*    Iba Dawson: Ava DuVernay and her Barbie; the Batman v. Superman trailer

*    Ira Brooker: vintage film discoveries of 2015

*    Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew and its sequels

*    Jack Seabrook: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: “John Brown’s Body”; “Nightmare in 4-D”; The Odd Couple: “Scrooge Gets an Oscar”

*     Jackie Kashian: Robert Hurt on starship design in film and television; Lesley Tsina on Windows 95, tonal East Asian Languages, and baking; Pat Susmilch on Hamilton and the ALA’s Banned/Challenged Books; Beth Schumann on mushrooms

*     Jacqueline T. Lynch: Star of the Night; Trail of Robin Hood

*    Jake Hinkson: 7 Holiday Noirs; Never the Sinner

*     James Clark: Flight of the Red Balloon; Three Times

*     James Reasoner: Trail of Robin Hood; Pixels; The Mole People

*     Janet Varney: Jessica Ogilve; Collette Wolfe

*     Jerry House: “Stamp Day for Superman”; The Adventures of the Saint: “Santa Clause is No Saint”; The Adventures of Ellery Queen: “The Adventure of the Green Gorillas”; Gulliver’s Travels (1939 film); The Six Shooter: “Brit Ponset’s Christmas Carol”; TED Talks: “David Christian: The History of Our World in 18 Minutes”; The Shadow: “The Hospital Murders”; Car 54, Where Are You?: “Christmas at the 53rd”; unmade film: In the Year 2889

*    John Grant: Maskarada; Köld Slód; Swamp Woman; The Gang’s All Here; Gambling Daughters; The Hei$t; Cottage to Let

*     Jonathan Lewis: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: “The Project Strega Affair”; The Undefeated (1969 film); Tombstone Canyon; The Mummy Lives; The Wild Wild West: “Night of the Inferno”; North to Alaska; John Paul Jones

*     Karen Hannsberry: When Ladies Meet; Too Late for Tears

*    Kate Laity: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

*    Ken Levine: how we got A Charlie Brown Christmas

*     Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show: Al Jean of The Simpsons

*     Kristina Dijan: Brewster’s Millions; Knockout; Man Bait; Caught; The Brasher Doubloon; Sunrise (1927 film); Hard Times; Gun Crazy; The Blue Angel; Le silence de la mer

*     Laura G: Death on the Diamond; Big City Blues; Lawman: the second season; Rod Cameron; Everything I Have is Yours; The Kid from Cleveland; 1945: five underrated films

*     Leonard Feather: Jazz on Television 1965 (The Regis Philbin Show being the 1964-65 continuation of The Steve Allen (Westinghouse) Show, Westinghouse syndication’s 1962-64 late-weeknightly alternative to NBC’s The Tonight Show and CBS’s The Les Crane Show)

*    Lucy Brown: Primose Path

*     Martin Edwards: And Then There Were None (BBC television 2015); Conspiracy Theory: Dead of Winter

*     Marty McKee: Werewolf Woman; Star Trek; “Court Martial”; To All a Good Night; Elves; The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals; Airport ’77; Enemy Territory; The Boys from Brazil

*     Mildred Perkins: Final Girls; Evil (To Kako); Suffragette; Resident Evil; Limitless; Crimson Peak; “Lights Out 2013” and “If Horror Movies were Realistic”

*     Mystery Dave: For the Boys; The Man with the Iron Fists 2

*     Patricia Nolan-Hall: A/V Xmas Parties; Frank Sinatra; 12 Angry Men

*     Patti Nase Abbott: Summer with Monika; favorite tv Xmas episodes; Brooklyn; Favorite 2015 television; Christmas in Connecticut

*    Pop My Culture: Sarah Baker

*     Rick: Claudine Longet; Aaron Slick from Pumpkin Crick; Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy; Burt Lancaster; Appointment with Death; My Six Loves; …as Dr. Watson

*    Rod Lott: Hitchcock/Truffaut; Airport ’77; Saving Christmas; Nightmare Weekend; The Executioner Part II; That’s Sexploitation! (nsfw image); Bunnyman; The Hand; Frozen Scream; Knock Knock; The Transporter Refeuled; Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out!; Detour (1945 film); See No Evil (1986 film); TV Turkeys: The World’s Worst Television Shows

*     “Rupert Pupkin”: Nightmares; The Dungeonmaster; Eliminators

*    Ruth Kerr: Scrooge (1935 film); The Man with the Golden Arm; The Big Country

*    Sam Juliano: Son of Saul and others (Youth poster could be NSFW)

*     Scott Cupp: White Pongo; The Thing (From Another World); Between Two Worlds; Porco Rosso

*     Sergio Angelini: The Notorious Landlady; Top 25 Television Detectives

*     Stacia Jones: Wallace and Gromit; The Dick Van Dyke Show: “The Alan Brady Show Presents”

*     Stephen Bowie: Run for Your Life: “Time and a Half on Christmas Eve”

*     Stephen Gallagher: The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

*     Steve Lewis: The Saint: The Brazilian Connection; Girl of the Port; The Halliday Brand; Sagebrush Law; Beau Bandit; Hardball: “Till Death Do Us Part”; a century of Leigh Brackett, Eli Wallach, and Louis Prima plus five; Tarzan the Magnificent; South of Suez; Find the Lady

*    Todd Mason: The Detective; The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: “The Pieces of Fate Affair”; Cabin Pressure

*    TV Obscurities: All That Glitters; The Rebels

*     Victoria Loomes: Monkey Business (1952 film); A Farewell to Arms

*     Vienna: El Dorado


7 thoughts on “o/t: after a seasonal hiatus, it’s a bumper round of Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

  1. Thanks, John! Seems like I might be getting to the bottom of what’s been depleting my energy of late (even as it gets to the bottom of my savings). This manages, I believe, to be the most populated list so far…the first of 2016 will tend to be a bit thinner.

    • I noticed when I was copying’n’pasting that there’s a couple of classic-type movie blogs that I habituate that don’t feature. I’ll try to remember next week, when hopefully things will be a bit less hectic, to go through with a bit more rigor and pass along any that I think might interest you.

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