o/t: a double dose of Todd Mason’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

Todd was a bit late with the classic roundup last week, which meant that by the time it arrives I was in the midst of preparations for Philcon (the annual convention of the Philadelphia SF Society), notably the final tuning of the talk I was scheduled to give there. One of the great pleasures of Philcon was meeting Todd for the first time; there’s a corner of the bar in a crappy Cherry Hill hotel that will forever belong to Todd, my wife Pam, artist Ray Ridenour and, oh yes, moi.

Anyway, here’s Todd’s list from last week. As always, click anywhere on the list to find yourself transported to the astral plane where Todd’s Sweet Freedom not only has a transcendental presence but also contains all the individual links:

Aaron West: The Apu Trilogy; Criterion Blogathon
Anne Billson: westerns from countries other than the US…
Anonymous: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre; Au Hazard Balthazar; The Young Girls of Rochefort; No Way Out
Bhob Stewart: Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (keep scrolling)
The Big Broadcast: 15 November 2015 (host Rob Bamberger has no clue about the history of dime novels, pulps and Nick Carter, and isn’t afraid to display this.)
Bill Crider: The Adventures of Don Juan [trailer]
BV Lawson: Media Murder (it’s the delayed time of year)
Colin: Thunder in the East
Comedy Film Nerds: Rob Cohen; The Martian
Cullen Gallagher: The Monster and the Girl
Cynthia Fuchs: Democrats; Toto and His Sisters
David Vineyard: Midnight (1934 film); Time Lock
Dorian Bartolucci: Lloyd Corrigan
Elizabeth Foxwell: The Cat and the Canary (1939 film)
Evan Lewis: Django (1966 film)
Gary Deane: Vanishing Point; Gone in Sixty Seconds (1974)
George Kelley: DC SuperVillains/Justice League: Masterminds of Crime
Gilligan Newton-John: Summer School (1976 film); VHS film boxes
Iba Dawson: Catfish (2010 film)
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: I Can Get It for You Wholesale; films on Turner Classic Movies; The Many Loves of Dobey Gillis
Jack Seabrook: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: “The Belfry”
Jackie Kashian: Chef; Steve Young on American Horror Story, Harper, etc.
Jacqueline T. Lynch: No Down Payment
James Reasoner: The Bold Caballero
Janet Varney: Carla Cackowski; Kate Walsh
Jeff Flugel: Red Dwarf
Jerry House: Teenagers from Outer Space; X Minus One: “Nightmare” (from Benet’s “By the Waters of Babylon”)
John Grant: Curtain at Eight; Crime Unlimited
Jonathan Lewis: Terror Beneath the Sea; Cowboy from Brooklyn
Karen Hannsberry: New York Confidential; Tom Neal
Kate Laity: Anna Karenina (2012 film)
Kelly Robinson: Eraserhead and silent film
Ken Levine: Larry Gelbart; blog party
Kristina Dijan: Criterion Blogathon: Day 4; Day 1; In Cold Blood; Eduardo Cianelli; The Florentine Dagger
Laura G: Two Weeks with Love; Night in New Orleans; Them!; Man-Proof; 30 in 30
Lucy Brown: Angel Face
Martin Edwards: The Scotland Yard Crime Museum; the Detection Club
Marty McKee: Blood Beast of Monster Mountain; Tales from the Darkside: The Movie; The Verdict; Narrow Margin (1990)
Mildred Perkins: Dead Rising: Watchtower; Longmire
Mystery Dave: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Patricia Nolan-Hall: Sanjuro
Patti Abbott: Rachel, Rachel
Prashant Trikkanad: Chess in movies
Rick: Sydney Greenstreet; Family Affair: “Christmas Came a Little Early”
Rod Lott; Deliver Us from Evil; Never Say Never Again; Beowulf (2007); Murder Can Hurt You
“Rupert Pupkin”: Living in Oblivion
Ruth: Criterion Blogathon; Ikiru; Daffy Duck
Sam Juliano: I Walked with a Zombie
Scott Cupp: Doctor Strange
Sergio Angelini: I Start Counting
Stacia Jones: The Deadly Bees; Phase IV; Hustle; Darling Lili
Stephen Bowie: Leigh Chapman
Stephen Gallagher: George Barris
Steve Lewis: Killshot; Cry Danger; Thanks a Million; Silverfox (Mason on Killshot some years back)
Television Obscurities: Hollywood Special (eventually aka ABC Sunday Night at the Movies)
Todd Mason: The Virgin Spring
Victoria Loomes: Sonia Delaunay
Vienna: Leslie Howard; Robert Ryan
Yvette Banek: Ministry of Fear

Just to make matters worse, this week Todd was quite terrifyingly on time, so here’s the new roster:

A.J. Wright: The Fighting Kentuckian
Aaron West: Criterion Blogathon: Day 5
Anne Billson: Porky’s II: The Next Day and other films better than she expected
Anonymous: Easy Living; 5 Fingers; Crazy, Stupid. Love; Noah Beery, Jr.: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Bhob Stewart: Giger Museum; Liberace Museum; 1968 Comic Art Convention (NYC), etc.
The Big Broadcast: 22 November 2015
Bill Crider: Kansas City Bomber [trailer]
Brian Arnold: Simple Gifts: Introduction and “The Great Frost”
B.V. Lawson: Media Murder
Colin: Tony Rome
Comedy Film Nerds: CFN vs. Keith and the Girl on The Martian
Criterion Close Up: Criterion Blogathon, New Releases for February, etc.
Cullen Gallagher: Barquero
Cynthia Fuchs: Democrats; Mimi and Dona; Secret in Their Eyes
David Vineyard: Midnight (1934 film)
Dorian and Vinnie Bartolucci: Lady in the Lake; Trancers
Elizabeth Foxwell: Black Friday (1940 film); about Anatomy of a Murder
Evan Lewis: Dick Tracy (1950s tv series): “Dick Tracy and FlatTop”
Gary Deane: June Havoc
George Kelley: Spotlight
Gilligan Newton-John: Mad scientist film bondage (some mildly NSFW imagery)
How Did This Get Made? (featuring guest Lennon Parham): Lifeforce
Iba Dawson: some of the worst…
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: The Strange One; The Garment Jungle
Jackie Kashian: Chez Amanda on The X-Files; The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Jacqueline T. Lynch: Jerome Cowan
James Reasoner: The Deadly Mantis; The Bold Caballero
Janet Varney: Colin Hanks
Jerry House: Roy Rogers and his peers; X Minus 1: “Nightmare”
John Grant: Curtain at Eight; Crime Unlimited; Flat Two
Jonathan Lewis: Treasure Island (1972 film)
Karen Hannsberry: William Conrad; Top 25 Noir Films
Kate Laity: The Hudsucker Proxy
Ken Levine: On Roseanne; further on Roseanne; Undateable; Wish I Was Here and Kickstarter abuse
Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show: Vince Gilligan
Kristina Dijan: Criterion Blogathon: Day 4
Laura G: 3 Bad Men; Murder in the Fleet; The 33; Pocahontas (1995 Disney animation); 42nd Street (stage)
Lucy Brown: River; Once Upon a Time (current US tv)
Marty McKee: The Final Terror
Mildred Perkins: The Savage Dead
Mystery Dave: “Captain EO”
Patricia Nolan-Hall: Harry Carey and the Carey family
Patti Abbott: Reflections in a Golden Eye
Rick: 1960s TV series on the road…
Rod Lott: Rattlers; Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon
Ronna and Beverly: Jessica St. Clair
“Rupert Pupkin”: Broken Lance
Ruth Kerr: Criterion Blogathon Day 6
Sam Juliano: A Room with a View; Carol
Scott A. Cupp: Mad Miss Manton
Sergio Angelini: Molle Mystery Theater (radio); Thriller (US tv); et al.: “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper” and its extensions by Robert Bloch
Stacia Kissick Jones: Manos, the Hands of Fate; The Night of the Generals; Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead
Stephen Bowie: Sunday Showcase (1959 US tv): “What Makes Sammy Run?”
Stephen Gallagher: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man
TV Obscurities: The Tammy Grimes Show
Victoria Loomes: Louise Beavers
Vienna: North by Northwest (stage); Leslie Howard; Bad Day at Black Rock
Yvette Banek: La belle et la bete

I’m not 100% sure that La Belle et la Bete is a forgotten movie, but there ya go. I guess there are tons of movies that are well known to some people (the original tv serial <i>A for Andrromeda<.i>, perhaps, just to pick an example out of the aether?) but completely outside the ambit of equally knowledgeable others.

Whatever, there are lots of tremendous essays to read in the lists above.

15 thoughts on “o/t: a double dose of Todd Mason’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

  1. Thanks for the information on Todd Mason’s site ,which was new to me.
    What a super,list of links ( and so pleased to see my own posts mentioned too.)

  2. John, as I note elsewhere, it was a great pleasure to meet and spend some time with you, Pam and Ray (does Pam go by Pam Barnett, btw?). And among your kindnesses is your bandwidth amplification of the weekly reposts, for which thanks, as always…what amounts to a list of links can allow for endless fiddling, but this week I particularly should note the additions of Elgin Bleecker’s assessment of THE PROWLER and Juri Nummelin’s of MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE, not, Juri notes, the project fans of GET CARTER might’ve been hoping for from Mike Hodges. And roping in Kelly Robinson’s reaction to the special attention her Criterion Blogathon entry, which deals in part with David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD and its kinship with silent film, has received. As well as three fine Grant reviews, for which further thanks, as always, for all your efforts here on this blog and elsewhere…and beware the Grays. I mean, really.

    • Thanks for the amplifications! Ah, yes, Morons from Outer Space: a grim ninety minutes.

      Pam goes by both Pam Barnett and her professional name, Pam(ela) Scoville, under which she does literary agenting and also appraises animation art.

      beware the Grays. I mean, really

      I’m bewaring them in all directions, honest. Nothing I dread more than being abducted into outer space for ravishment by gorgeous green-skinned females an’ . . . hm, wait a minute . . . lemme think this over.

  3. Oh, yes…my disclaimer, as always, is that these aren’t Forgotten films, so much as films deserving more attention than they have received, perhaps only in latter-day attenuation, and I think the Cocteau rates there…along with the odd film out which is fully deserving of whatever obscurity it has achieved. And, yes, I’ve been startled by what has largely slipped from or always gotten by the attention of the larger A/V audience…a number of even the professional buffs who’ve commented on my review of THE VIRGIN SPRING have noted that they’ve not only not yet seen it, they knew next to nothing about it. If I hadn’t been doing these lists for five years or so, I would be somewhat more flabbergasted…

    • Oh, yes…my disclaimer, as always, is that these aren’t Forgotten films

      Yes, I remember mentioning a few weeks ago to one of your contributors that the movie he was billing was “forgotten” whereas . . . well, it wasn’t Casablanca but it was certainly pretty well known. He explained the parameters, quite rightly.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out, and what a spectacular roster of links this week! Double the scope obviously!

    I loved reading the story of your meet out west this past week! Fascinating stuff!

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