Todd Mason’s latest Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V on Wednesday

Another edition of the valuable roundup. Click anywhere on the list to be transported to Todd’s Sweet Freedom blog, where you’ll find the individual links for the essays and reviews.


Aaron West: My Life as a Dog
Allan Fish: The Tin Drum (aka Die Blechtrommel)
Anne Billson: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Anonymous: Comanche Station
Bill Crider: Slow West; Tales of the Gold Monkey [opening credits for the series]
Brian Arnold: The Jaws cycle
Brian Busby: Without Warning part 2
Brian Lindemuth: the dialog flow of Deadwood
BV Lawson: Media Murder
BNoirDetour: Red Wind; Odds Against Tomorrow
Colin: Walk a Tightrope
Comedy Film Nerds: Stephanie Wilder-Taylor
Cynthia Fuchs: Out in the Night; best of 30 for 30
Dan Stumpf: Chloe, Love is Calling You
David Cramner: Gunsmoke (tv): “Mannon”
David Schleicher: The Tree of Life
David Vineyard: The Elgin Hour: “The Sting of Death”
Dorian: Charade
Elgin Bleecker: Johnny Come Lately
Elizabeth Foxwell: The Upturned Glass; John Gray on Eric Ambler and the films from his novels
Evan Lewis: The Lady in the Lake
Gary Deane: The Scarlet Hour
Gary Dobbs: Melody Patterson
George Kelley: Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
Gilligan Newton-John: I Dream of Jeannie: “Jeannie the Matchmaker”; The Love God?; Confessions of a Driving Instructor
Harlan Ellison: Mike Hodel’s Hour 25: “Robert Silverberg” (KPFK/Pacifica Radio)
How Did This Get Made?: Theodore Rex
Iba Dawson: Show Me a Hero
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Information Please (radio); Adventures by Morse
Jack Seabrook: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: “Guilty Witness”
Jackie Kashian: Sex and the City 2; Paul Gilmartin of The Mental Illness Happy Hour
Jacqueline T. Lynch: Mary Wickes
Jake Hinkson: The Winning of Barbara Worth
James Reasoner: Knockout
Janet Varney: Felicia Day
Jerry House: great television comedians
John Grant: “Web of Lies”; Paper Orchid
Jon Warner: Shane
Jonathan Lewis: Stories of the Century: “Joaquin Murietta”; The Scarlet Coat
Judy Geater: Dinner at 8
Juri Nummelin: Split Second
Karen Hannsberry: Finishing School
Kate Laity: Tangential Deviation
Kelly Robinson: Charles Loeb
Ken Levine: Midnight in Paris
Kliph Nesteroff: Della: Sandy Baron, Lou Alexander (Della among Kaiser Broadcasting System programming)
Kristina Dijan: Dangerous Corner; The Man They Could Not Hang; The Man with Nine Lives; The Odyssey (1968-70 European television), etc.
Lance Charnes: The Strip (Australian television)
Laura: Preston Foster; Spenser for Hire: second season; Gentleman’s Fate; A Global Affair
Lawrence Block and Robert Silverberg in conversation, 2011
Lindsey: Her Sister’s Secret; The Great Man’s Lady; Housebound
Lucy Brown: Case Sensitive
Mark Evanier: Fred Astaire at the 1970 Oscars Ceremony
Michael Shonk: The Avengers seasons 3 vs. 4
Martin Edwards: Twisted Nerve
Marty McKee: Blood and Lace; Scalpel (aka False Face)
Mystery Dave: Bay of Blood
Paddy Lee: Raton Pass; The Big Country
Patrick Murtha: The Black Museum (Orson Welles radio series)
Patti Abbott: Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin speaking about love
Pop My Culture: Wayne Federman and Jaime Fox
Randy Johnson: Killer, Adios (aka Winchester, uno entre mille)
Raquel Stecher: Christopher Plummer honored
Richard Moore: Pulpfest 2015
Rick: The Horsemasters; Hostile Witness; Grizzly; The Mark; Twilight of Honor
Rod Lott: The November Man; Extreme Jukebox; Police Story: Lockdown; Death Walks at Midnight; House of Terror
Ruth: John Barrymore
Sam Juliano: A. I.
Sergio Angelini: 52 Pick-Up
Stacia Jones: West of Zanzibar
Stephen Bowie: The Defenders: “The Benefactor”
Stewart Galbraith IV: being interviewed for The Tonight Show
Victoria Loomes: Intruder in the Dust
Vienna: early Robin Hood films
Walter Albert: The Student of Prague

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