o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked A/V

Todd’s weekly roundup arrived yesterday and I failed to notice it amid torrents of stark terror over having all my back teeth removed this morning. Here it is, better late than never.

As always, click anywhere on the list to be plunged into an exciting intertubes journey that ends at Todd’s Sweet Freedom blog, where you’ll find all the individual links.

Allan Fish: The Long Day Closes; Mon Oncle
Anne Billson: The dangers of excessive whimsy…
Anonymous: Yellow Sky
Bill Crider: Slow West [trailer]
Brian Arnold: Ultraman and other Japanese SF tv series
BV Lawson: Media Murder
BNoirDetour: No Way Out with Linda Darnell
Colin: Dawn at Socorro
Comedy Film Nerds: Ric Meyers on martial arts films
Cynthia Fuchs: A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile; Cartel Land
David Cramner: 9 Best Gunsmoke television episodes
Elgin Bleecker: James Garner
Elizabeth Foxwell: Dark Hazard
Evan Lewis: Dashiell Hammett in San Francisco
Gary Deane: noir at the 2015 Palm Springs International Film Festival
George Kelley: Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Gilligan Newton-John: Twisted Nerve; Deadly Strangers
How Did This Get Made?: Minisode
Iba Dawson: Two Thousand Maniacs
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: The franchising of Bozo
Jack Seabrook, Christine Scoleri & John Scoleri: On Borrowed Time
Jackie Kashian: Rise of the Guardians; Murray Valeriano and Monty Franklin on surfing and surfing culture
Jacqueline T. Lynch: The Barrymores
James Reasoner: Project Almanac
Janet Varney: Colleen Smith of No, You Shut Up!
Jerry House: The Six Shooter
John Grant: Out of the Rain; Out of the Shadow
Jonathan Lewis: Two Flags West
Karen Hannsberry: Blondie Johnson
Kelly Robinson: IDing silent films at the Mostly Lost Festival
Ken Levine: wardrobe at music awards shows and how not to (courtesy Ed Gorman)
Kliph Nesteroff: Betsy Palmer
Kristina Dijan: Leigh Brackett; Shadows on the Stairs; A Free Soul; Cobra Woman; The Hired Gun
Lance Charnes: Rush (tv series)
Laura: Hell’s Five Hours; Oliver & Company
Lindsey: The Women; Ida Lupino
Lucille Juliano: The Miracle Worker (1962 film)
Lucy Brown: Homefront
Mark Evanier: KPFK Television Comedy Panel (1961): Groucho Marx, Carl Reiner, Steve Allen, Robert Young
Martin Edwards: Lifeboat
Marty McKee: Tattoo; Love and Bullets
Mystery Dave: The Saint (1997 film)
Patrick Murtha: Alan Ladd
Patti Abbott: Holiday (1938 film)
Paul Bishop: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Part 2
Pop My Culture: Agnes Bruckner
Randy Johnson: Fantastic Four (1994 film)
Raquel Stecher: Fury (1936 film)
Rick: Patrick McGoohan
Rod Lott: The City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel); Watch Me When I Kill; I Drink Your Blood [Sergio Angelini on The City of the Dead]
Sam Juliano: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Sergio Angelini: Strangler’s Web
Stacia Jones: Alibi (1929 film)
Stephen Bowie: The Defenders: “Fires of the Mind”
Steve Lewis: PulpFest 2015; Johnny Rocco
Stuart Galbraith IV: Kaiun! Nandemo kanteidan
Victoria Loomes: June Mathis
Vienna: They Met in a Taxi
Walker Martin: PulpFest 2015
Yvette Banek: 23 Paces to Baker Street

3 thoughts on “o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked A/V

  1. Yow! Hope the surgery wasn’t too terrible, the recuperation drugs good. And your surgeon better than my last one. Thanks as always, and as usual, there have been a number of additions since the RA post…

  2. Thanks as always, and as usual, there have been a number of additions since the RA post…

    To which the obvious retort is that there have been a number of extractions here . . . 🙂

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