o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

Yet another of Todd’s great roundups. Click anywhere on the list to get whisked to Todd’s page and the detailed links.

Aaron West: Where Is My Friend? (aka…)
Allan Fish: The GrandmasterAnne Billson: Paul Rudd
Anonymous: People on Sunday
Bill Crider: Dirty Little Billy [trailer]
Brandie Ashe: My Neighbor Totoro
Brent McKee: NBC Upfronts
BV Lawson: Media Murder
Colin: Guns of Darkness
Comedy Film Nerds: Andy Wood
Cynthia Fuchs: The End of the Tour; Listen to Me Marlon
Elgin Bleecker: Keeper of the Flame
Elizabeth Foxwell: The Assignment (aka…); The Invention of Murder
Evan Lewis: Philip Marlowe, Private Eye: “Spanish Blood”
Gary Deane: They Made Me a Criminal
George Kelley: The Wrecking Crew!
How Did This Get Made?: Tiptoes
Iba Dawson: TCM Summer of Darkness
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: George Grizzard
J. Kingston Pierce: US TV season 1974-75
Jackie Kashian: The World’s End; Matt Saxe on the US vice presidency
Jacqueline T. Lynch: Teresa Wright: television
James Reasoner: Home Sweet Homicide
Jeff Flugel: 1963 in film
Jerry House: The Other Guys
John Grant: Whistle Down the Wind; Nightmare
Kliph Nesteroff: Will Jordan
Kristina Dijan: Shanghai Express; The Damned; August on TCM
Lance Charnes: City Homicide
Laura: Callaway Went Thataway; Where Are Your Children?
Lucy Brown: Higher and Higher
Martin Edwards: Harrogate
Michael Shonk: The Avengers before Diana Rigg: Part 1; Part 2
Mike Tooney: Mr. and Mrs. Murder
Mystery Dave: Sabotage
Patrick Murtha: The Whistler: “Danger is a Beautiful Blonde”
Patti Abbott: Robert Altman
Pearce Duncan: Ghoulies
Pop My Culture: Ginger Gonzaga
Randy Johnson: The Monster of Piedras Blancas
Rick: Henry Darrow; Tootsie; Crossing Delancey
Rod Lott: Sex Kittens Go to College; The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
Sam Juliano: No Greater Glory
Sergio Angelini: City of the Dead
Scott Cupp: The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
Stacia Jones: Criminal Court; Roller Boogie
Steve Lewis: Personal Report, Inc.; King of Diamonds: “The Wizard of Ice”
Victoria Loomes: Lizzie
Yvette Banek: Penny and the Pownall Case (John Grant a while back)

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