o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

Yes! Tuesday has rolled around again and we’re due another dose of Todd’s invaluable roundup. Click anywhere on the list to be taken to Todd’s Sweet Freedom blog and the individual links. Some truly mouthwatering stuff this week . . .

Allan Fish: Visages d’Enfants

Anne Billson: The Woman in Black

Anonymous: The Crimson Kimono

Bill Crider: Rumor Has It [trailer]

Brian Arnold notes, with some diffidence: 100 Films Every Man Must See

BV Lawson: Media Murder

Charlie Ricci: I’ve Got a Secret: “Pete Best”

Colin: Rails into Laramie

Comedy Film Nerds: Steele Saunders

Cynthia Fuchs: My Depression: The Up and Down of It

Dan Stumpf: The Woman on the Beach; The Man in the Back Seat

Elgin Bleecker: Duck, You Sucker

Elizabeth Foxwell: Equal Partners; William Friedman on cryptography

Evan Lewis: Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter

Gary Deane: British Noir Film Gets Nasty

George Kelley: Mission: Impossible (Season 1)

Iba Dawson: The Third Man (restored)

Ivan G. Dixon, Jr.: This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Jack Seabrook: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: “The Black Curtain” (Cornell Woolrich)

Jackie Kashian: Amy Shira Teitel on space exploration…and Moon

Jacqueline T. Lynch: “Jerky Turkey”

James Clark: Goodbye South, Goodbye

James Reasoner: The Cobbler

Jeff Flugel: ’70s SF Films

Jerry House: The Arthur Godfrey Show

John Grant: Haunted House; Dreaming for You

Jonathan Lewis; The Spy in the Green Hat (The Man from U.N.C.L.E. repackage)

Judy Geater: Wild Boys of the Road

Kate Laity: Edge-Lit 4

Kliph Nesteroff: Franklyn Ajaye

Kristina Dijan: The Black Castle; The Rules of the Game; Behind Stone Walls; 1947 Blogathon

Laura: Doctor, You’ve Got to Be Kidding; June Bride

Lucy Brown: In Search of the Castaways

Martin Edwards: DOA (1950 film)

Marty McKee: Doomsday Machine; Along Came a Spider

Mystery Dave: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Patrick Murtha: The Last Hurrah

Patti Abbott: The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

Pearce Duncan: Ringu

Pop My Culture: Diane Franklin & Amanda Wyss of Better Off Dead

Randy Johnson: Drummer of Vengeance

Rick: Kathy Garver

Rod Lott: President Wolfman: Teenage Confidential

Sam Juliano: First Annual Children’s Book Celebration in the Queens Museum; Empire of the Sun

Stacia Jones: Once a Thief (1965 film); June Bride

Stephen Bowie: Dennis the Menace (1950s tv)

Stephen Mullen: Let the Right One In

Steve Lewis: Antigone 34

Todd Mason: Kit Reed, et al.: “Bad Influences” (ReaderCon Panel)

Victoria Loomes: And God Created Woman…

Walter Albert: Tod Browning



2 thoughts on “o/t: Todd Mason’s Tuesday’s Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V

  1. Thanks, as always, for the benisons, for your fine entries and for pointing us toward the THE RED KIMONO supplemental review. I probably should’ve credited the 1947 blogathon host for the index, but I’ve misplaced her name, and chose to be petty enough to go with someone who actually shares her name with us openly for the citation. (I get pseudonyms. Coy anonymity sits less well with me. My crotchet.)

    • Startled by your “Anonymous” listing, I spent a few minutes trying to find the reviewer’s name, but like yourself gave up. A pity, because it’s such a great piece!

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