o/t: hurrah for WordPress

Normally my WordPress stats page has a blue band across the top of it. Sometime this afternoon, that became a rainbow band.

Thank you, WordPress, for putting into a simple image what so many of us feel: slowly, despite the knuckledraggers, we’re becoming a better society. There’s a long way still to go — equal pay for women, hm? — but today saw us take one more important step along that road.

And WordPress had the guts to risk offending all the “religious freedom” cretins by commemorating the fact.

Again: Thank you, WordPress.

Civil rights: Every time someone else gains greater freedom, you get freer too. That’s what it’s all about.

8 thoughts on “o/t: hurrah for WordPress

    • What’s boggling is that the knuckledraggers are trying to pretend this is a victory for the Gay Agenda (whatever that is). I mean, if you just crack the statistics most of the people rejoicing today are straight. It’s a Civil Rights victory, and a triumph for common sense.

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