o/t: another book on its way

contract signing smaller

Last Thursday, at BookExpo in New York, Dan Harmon of Zest Books and I took the opportunity to sign a book contract in person rather than exchanging copies by mail. Dan’s the smart-looking guy on the left; I’m the daft old geezer on the right. The book in question, for young adults (Zest’s specialty), is provisionally called Eureka! and will be, as you’d guess, in the sciences.

18 thoughts on “o/t: another book on its way

  1. A great big and hearty congratulation to you John!! This is obviously very big news!!! You are the most prolific man I have ever met, and such high-quality work at that!!! Just awesome!! 🙂

    • Thanks for calling by, Tracy.
      I look forward to hearing more about it.
      I expect people will in due course have difficulty stopping me talking about it!

    • Thank you very much indeed for the kind thought, Bryan — and congratulations on your own achievement: you have a great site, and it’s hard to believe it’s just four months old!

      Unfortunately, since I regard this as a website rather than a blog, I made a policy decision early on that I shouldn’t get involved in blogging awards. I’ve turned them down in the past, so obviously it’d be a bit invidious for me to change that policy. But, as I say, I’m immensely touched that you thought of me.

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